Break down of my 1st photoshop painting…

Hello everyone…

I thought I would show a little of my art today.  This is a current series I am working on right now.  The series is called The Hunt and it stars three Jackals from the Halo Universe. 

Ok I am not a pro or anything at photoshop…but I can get by for a rookie in the medium.  I do have a background in painting some what so I used those skills in this digital painting.  I will go step by step on the first piece I did.  

The concept of the piece started with this sketch of a Jackal.  I liked the body structure from this sketch and decided to do an illustration on these characters.  Many people do halo fan art.  Many people do Elites and Grunts and Master Chiefs…but few jackals have had their own star to shine on them so I took it to task.  

So here we go three jackals all with weapons ready for action.  Simple pencil drawing…

After the pencils I decided to ink it….

I started laying in flat colors to all objects in the drawing then I started in with details using different size brushes, and different opacities…

Continued to add details…


Coloring all three jackals…and attempting to create some texture on their clothing…

moving on to the weapons and the foreground that they are all standing on…this may sound backwards but i do my middle colors first then go in with darks, then finish with lights again. Also starting the background rock.

More polishing and detailing the jackals and the environment…

Now here I thought I was done…but I felt something was missing so I had some people on HBN | LTM  take a look at it. (they follow the game and franchise pretty closely so if anyone could give me a tip or two it would be them!) 

So now my task was to add some ships in the background…


So I did two quick sketches on some Banshees…


Colored them in photoshop…


And here is the final…


Like I stated before I have a long ways to go in photoshop, but I do like it and hope to continue to get better.  All coloring was done with a mouse. (No tablet just yet)

I wouldn’t consider this a tutorial as I have so much to learn myself…this was just a peek inside of my way of creating art! 

Now I will finish with a “little” Master Chief! 


See ya soon!

3 Responses to “Break down of my 1st photoshop painting…”

  1. 1 greenbeanbaby July 24, 2008 at 11:48 am

    well, you make it sound so easy 🙂 actually, i think the reason you were able to do these pieces so well [and learn so fast] is because you use the mouse like you use a paintbrush… or rather, you took the same approach as you do with your watercolors…. its nice to see your photoshop work not completely different of a style as your watercolors…you can tell the same person did it 🙂 considering you were in a nearly 4yr hiatus, you came back in the art scene with full force and beautiful work!

  2. 2 gamersdigart July 24, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Thank you girl! It means a lot that commented here! Thank you for giving me the time to work on my art again, and for giving me the motivation to pick up art once again!

  3. 3 tou September 18, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    whats up player! good to see some actual new stuff from you. Definitely going in the right direction. Nice blog too. I’ll email you later.

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