Who I am…Father…Husband…Gamer…Artist

Warning: The following post is a long read…only start if you have the time.  Scroll through fast if you only want to see pictures…Have a nice Day!!! 

Welcome back to the latest ramblings from the Gamer who digs art! Well I thought about it…and it makes sense that I do a post about me.  People are probably thinking…who is this guy giving away games once a month…..well hope you enjoy a brief bio about myself…

This is me…not photoshopped or anything!! 

I graduated from MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2003.  My major was in illustration. I got married in 2004 to the Beautiful teenygreenbean aka Ellia ana Hill.  (As mentioned in previous post her blog is pretty awesome and has been thriving for around 3 years now!)  


She is the most precious, beautiful, greatest joy ever to have! She is my everything! She plays a mean halo 3 online also!  In fact she plays more than me!!! (I’ll do a post later on getting your girl into games!) 

Well after being married for a while we had our first child in 2004.  Diego.  Something always told me that my son would be artist like his mums and dad! 

Diego is the best.  Nothing changes your life like having kids of your own.  This little man wants to be so much like his pops.  Being responsible financially for a wife and son rearranged my art goals. I had to get job to pay the bills.  This led to my semi-retirement from art.  My wife always got on me for saying that because she told it wasn’t retirement just on hold, and I thank her for that encouragement!  But having a son was just the greatest thing to ever happen to me.  My father wasn’t around when I was growing up, so it is really satisfying to have such a strong influence on my boy’s life.  I have a lot of flashbacks to my childhood when I see him playing with his toys…and toys this kid has in abundance! 

Yeah…he is turning 4 in like a week and has plenty already…more than I ever had for sure!!!

It is funny how things past down.  I love batman…plenty of comics read, cartoons watched, and now my boy thinks he is batman! He has a collection of batman figures…

And he really thinks he is Batman!!!

Well, here is Batman jr.

The things kids teach you about yourself are amazing.  They keep you honest as they get older because they question everything…and I mean everything.  Here some snippets of my boy!  He is awesome! 


The ninja turtle batman…just one of those crazy nights and a school pic of Diego! 


Sporting his new hair cut, and going classic with a mario shirt from 1984! 

Like I said nothing comes close to being a father.  The responsibility is frustrating and rewarding at the same time.  Just when we get the hang of having a son…we go ahead and add another to the mix.  On Apri 17, 2007 little Isabella was born.

This cutey is my princess and she knows it.  She comes running and screaming for me when I get home for work daily! It is remarkable how fast kids develop a sense of love and connection in their lives.  This girl loves her mama…but is crazy about her daddy and I say that proudly! Here are some pics of little bella! 


Being a girl and being very cute playing with bubbles…


Still being a cute girl..and looking up to her mom and wanting to become a grrl gamer! 

Well having two kids is all about balancing…


Both kids will fight tooth and nail to get attention.  The role of father has played so heavily in my life in recent years.  When you take that role seriously you can’t help but step back from the bigger picture of life for while so that you put your all into your kids.  You want them so badly to succeed. On the days I have them to give my wife a break, I try my best to make the most of the time.  

My wife watches them more than me, but I do my fair share.  When else is Isabella gonna be able to eat chocolate cake all by herself! 


Raising two kids is no joke.  Ask any parent.  They make you run wild, tire you out, but I tell you it is the best feeling in the world to have moments like this! 

Nap time: For the kids or for Dad???

Those two are the best…I couldn’t ask for two better kids! 


And yes kids are VEEEEERRRRRYYYY impressionable.  They will mimic you to a T. Check this pic out! 

This one is called Kids dig games!! Man what trip.  My son’s first time actually playing and doing good in a video game.  He beat 4 levels of teen titans for Game Cube by himself! (With moral support from his sister on the 360 controller!) Go Diego Go! 

Well that is being a father…being married is another part of my life that is HUGE

TO ALL SINGLE PEOPLE OUT THERE!!!  Listen…marriage takes sacrifice.  If you are not willing to sacrifice your time, money, sleep, etc. do NOT get married! For me sacrifice is just normal these days.  It was not always the case, and we have had our rocky moments.  But time will test love and marriage and we are ready to handle our hard times well.  


My wife has been kicking butt as a house wife for four years now and she does such a great job of taking care the home.  I’m not talking just cleaning…she brings stability and balance to the home.  She also establishes a great sense of order when things get chaotic.  She balances being a Mom, Wife, Artist, businesswomen, and Gamer very well.  She makes art and sells it through ETSY.  (Kinda of like ebay but for art!) http://www.greenbeanbaby.typepad.com/


She is always there rooting for me…having my back as I do her’s.  Being a husband is just another gift I have in my life because greenbean is such a treat!  She is my love!  (and a Halo fanatic~but in good way!)

Me the Gamer…what is there to say… have gaming since Atari.  My first system I owned was a Nes. We (my brothers and I) later got a Snes and Genesis.  Then we sold them to Funcoland (old store that came before gamestop) to get a 3DO..what bust that was..then we got a playstation, n64, dreamcast, then I stopped playing games for a while.  During college I bought an xbox.  Then I got a PS2, then I got a Gamecube for the wife and Ps2 for me.  Some one gave me a 360 bless their heart! And that is it! I have a very nice collection of systems and games.  (But I sold over 600 dollars worth of equipment to start what I am doing now.  Giving games away in the contest!) 

I am a true gamer so that makes me a little more talented than most in games…I won’t go farther than that. 

Favorite game ever? Chrono Trigger (See first blog post) Favorite current game: Halo 3!(Because my wife and I can spend quality time playing it together!) 

The Artist…I like art.  Always have always will.  I was always drawing or sketching as a child.  A pencil is my forte.  I will try to step my art game up this year and hopefully put together a nice portfolio for something cool, you never know! Dream big they say! I am a little behind in the digital area..just for now.  I am reading and practicing photoshop as a recommended by a online art buddy told me to do. (Thanks Kalel06) But here is a bunch of art that is not digital! Hope you Enjoy!  


Two paintings inks and watercolor “Beauty” and “The Race” 


Two more paintings “Alive” and “The Getaway”


Two paints “The Giant” and “The Coat”

Painting “When giants Slumber”

Painting “The Last Battle” 

Painting “Shivas Daughter” 

These are some samples.  Go to dreno360 for a full gallery of my work.

Well there go go.  A nice long post about my family…so if so haven’t seen an update on my stuff in while you will know why…either Diego, Isabella, or Ellia or maybe even xbox live has my attention! 


See ya soon!

7 Responses to “Who I am…Father…Husband…Gamer…Artist”

  1. 1 kalel06 July 27, 2008 at 9:19 am

    Great post. Alot of times, the person is lost behind the avatar in the online world and it is good to put a face and story behind the people you meet here in the interwebz.
    You have a great family. Very inspiring actually. My wife and I both think you and Ellia have beautiful children. I wish you guys nothing but the best.
    About marriage, you nailed on the head when you said it was about sacrifices. If someone doesn’t know what that word really means, marriage is not for them. You truly become one with the other person and it’s great when you find the right one.
    Also, you art look fantastic. You’ve already got the talent, it shows on your traditional work. That is the most important part of digital art, the rest is just technique. It’s just about learning the tool really, Like keeping watercolors under control or steading a knife to cut paper.

    Like I said though, great post. I wish you guys the best!

  2. 2 gamersdigart July 27, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Thanks Kalel06! This post was fun to do. My wife does this sort of thing alot, and I wanted to get it out of the way so people reading could know a little about the author. My family is a huge part of who I am and how I changed as an artist. My wife has humbled me greatly and I needed that aspect in my life. We balance each other well I think. Thanks for reply on this massive read of a post!

  3. 3 greenbeanbaby July 27, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    you are too sweet, babe!!!! it’s been quite a ride thus far and i can’t even imagine how the hill household is gonna be in just a few years… the older the kids get, the more dynamic they bring to the household… miniature us running around and learning about their personality and character… i am grateful that you are NOT a bum husband or father who leaves me to do all the work… i doubt we woulda lasted this long, if you woulda been… scratch that- i doubt we woulda married if i thought you’d have been a bum…. but you have always had a drive to succeed, to love, and a passion for life…. and its a joy to see you interact with your kids and to just BE with you!!!! thanks for all your support and encouragement for even my art…. its really nice to see you back in the game and in time i will get better at not being stingy over the alone/art time… HAHA…

    big hug and kiss to you my sweets!!!!

    and thank you kalel and wife for the beautiful compliment on the family 🙂

  4. 4 greenbeanbaby July 27, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    oops ps. this post was awesome!!! thx for sharing the hill family 😀

  5. 5 Vivian Rothschild July 28, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    Your words are beautiful; your family is beautiful; and your work is beautiful. Sorry I wasn’t yet on MIAD staff to get to know you…

  6. 6 gamersdigart July 28, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    @greenbean-thanks sweetheart! you know I couldn’t be my best without you!

    @Vivian Rothschild`thank you for visiting my blog! MIAD was a good school to attend. I have had classes there since my sophomore year of high school. I will have to visit with the wife soon to see how things are going back at our old stomping grounds! Thanks again, your words are too kind!

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