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Today is the deadline to win a free game for the month of August.  Any game (***60.00 base price max) The Rules of the contest were quite simple…  Titled VS you had to draw two characters from two DIfferent games in Battle with each other…  Simple…Very simple…Win Yourself a game!!  Submissions accepted until 12:00am Central Stand Time Today!  Look for September’s Contest to be announce tomorrow! 

Just send a Jpeg or Gif to! 


Win yourself a FREE GAME!!! 


Meet AndreeWallin!!!

You want to talk about skills….look no further the master has arrived. AndreeWallin has some amazing talents oozing out of his pores…I really love his style and the time he takes on each piece is what astonishes me…a few hours here and there….amazing! 

Crazy skills yes! Well on with the interview! Questions by me!  Awe-inspiring work by AndreeWallin

Thanks again for agreeing to do the interview! I really do appreciate it. Could you start with a brief bio about yourself, who you are what you do…name, age, where you are from, etc. 

No probs man!

Andrée Wallin, 25 years old, I come from Sweden, lived in Stockholm for the past year and currently living in the UK.

(25!!!  MAN!!!  I got to step my game up!!!!)

What is your background in art, education, and what do you do for a living? 

I have no education within the artistic field, just been drawing on my spare time on and off. I actually worked at a warehouse until a year ago when I started studying 3D in Stockholm. This summer I got a job offer from a production company in UK as a concept artist, where I’m currently working.

There are many digital artist on the web these days…yet your work really stands out as original, professional, etc. What steps do you take to as an artist to keep pushing yourself to keep getting better?

Two things: look at the best artists out there and try and figure out what the hell makes their art so amazing. The other one is movies; nothing gets me as inspired as a really good movie.

Your speed paintings are amazing! What programs, and brushes do you use? 

Thank you, it’s all Photoshop and my friend Leventes brushes.

How often do you work on your art? Your level of talents are mind blowing…Any advice to someone just learning digital painting? 

Everyday. It’s as simple as that. Anyone can do what I do as long as you WANT to learn more and are willing to spend a lot of time painting.


Dreams…goals…- What direction do you wish to take your art in the next 3-5 years?

I just want to work on some big and fun projects, maybe work in the US for a while.

Are there any films where you wished you were a part of (on the visual aspect) that you would have changed some of the art direction of the film? 

Hm.. can’t think of anything, I just look and nitpick at the finer details rather than the overall production )

Who are some artist that inspire you?

 dhabih engCraig MullinsLevente Peterffy John Wallin… and many of the awesome artists over at the Sijun Forums.

(All awesome artist to check out!  Cool Forum as well!) 


(Do you even have any free time in your life?) If so, do you play any video games? If answered yes, what is your favorite game ever? 

I have some free time yes, I do enjoy Team Fortress 2 (I’m an old TFC geek). But other than that, none.

What do you do when you are having an artistic block…(if you ever go through that!) 

If it’s a mild one I just try until I start producing anyway, but if it’s a big one I leave the computer and try and socialize and be human for a while.


What makes a good illustration to you? 

A good illustration.. kinda hard to describe. Something that’s in your face, you know. Doesn’t matter if it’s a perfect technique or perfect colors, as long as it’s cool!


Thanks again for agreeing to the interview!


I will say it time and time again…interviewing these different artist really open my mind up to how they see the world.  I am learning a lot myself about different techniques and styles, about how new approaches are needed when tackling a new solutions…man what a blast! 


Thanks for checking out his stuff here!  Click here for a full gallery of his beautiful work! 

And I will just end it with a cool walk off shot…stay tuned  for more! 

Meet Dave Lamps!

Dave is bloke I attended college with!  We attended The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design way back in 2000.  We attended college for two years together then he left, and came back to school the year after I graduated.  He now attends UCLA. Just a quick post about my bud to give him some props!  Go Dave Go! Looking forward to more! 




(my favorite one!) 




Thanks Dave!  See ya around when you are in town!!!

Meet The Aphex!!!

Yes he is THAT good! (Coloured pencil, copic marker on grey paper) This week we have some phenomenal illustrators being interviewed!  Starting with TheAphex. When you see his stuff you got to take another look. With the rise of digital artist out there it is refreshing to see some talented traditional artist as well still doing their thing strong as ever!   

I really love all of his illustrations as well as the subject matter. The guy loves films as you can tell from his first piece shown…  well on with the show! 

All questions by me. All traditionally goodness by TheAphex!

Yes that is two of the summer’s hottest blockbusters back to back!  Already a winner of an interview and no questions asked yet! 

Just want to start off with a huge thank you again! I know as an artist time is something many of us don’t have a lot of, so thanks for sharing some of it with me! 

It’s my pleasure ) Time is definitely something we need more of, I’m happy to share some of it with you.

I see your art is very contemporary: meaning it corresponds to films being released. Is that one source of inspiration for you? 

It’s definitely my biggest muse. I’m a big movie geek with a passion for posters, fan art, and illustrations based on film. It’s a great feeling when you see a movie and get that rush to draw something. As far back as I can remember, I would always draw characters from my favourite films and television shows.


(Blade Runner) 

You tend to give a lot of spot-lights to many artist. What is the importance in this to you personally?   (who am I to talk look at my blog!) (but many people believe artist are very selfish creatures…yet you share the spotlight so easily) 

I’m not a very selfish person, so it’s all about trying to help where I can in order to get the word out on other artists. I like to believe that artists can help each other out. 

What is your training/ schooling background in art?

I’m currently studying Graphic Design. Aside from a few techniques developed in drawing/illustration classes, I’m pretty much self-taught when it comes to drawing. I’ve learned a great deal from studying other artists and their methods/techniques.

What video game systems do you own? What are you currently playing?

Currently own a 360. I recently played The Bourne Conspiracy, but I always go back and replay some of my favourite games like Call of Duty 4 and NBA 2K8.

Where do you see the role of traditional art in today’s digital dominance of the field? 

Seems like traditional art is definitely being overshadowed by digital work these days, but there will always be a need for traditional work — be it for professional or personal purposes. It is, however, very cool to see work that combines both mediums. It also may be a reflection of the digital world we live in today that the stylus and tablet might be more popular than pencil and paper. 

Fill in the blanks…

My favorite artist is Drew Struzan   (go figure!!!!) 

My favorite movie is …I have way too many favourites to narrow it down to just one! 

Tool of the trade is  …Prismacolour pencils

Best Game Ever     …for me is Half-Life 2

The future of gaming is approaching us rapidly. We are at a time where graphics aren’t enough…(look at so many games on 360 and ps3 not selling well yet the Wii is crushing all! ) what pushes a game to be a hit now a days? 

I’ve often wondered why that is and really can’t point out one specific reason. 
Shiny graphics alone won’t cut it anymore. Brand loyalty, online play, innovative gameplay, interesting characters and storylines — these all play a huge factor in video games these days. 

Thank you so much for the interview Gabe!  It has been a real pleasure!  You art is truly inspiring!  

You can check out his full gallery here!

Photoshop Rewind…

Sorry about the week long absence from blogging…been pretty busy lately, but have some cool posts coming up this week!  First of all I want to say thanks to all who have come here and visit!  And another thank you for those who have left comments, they are much appreciated!  It has been a pleasure bringing you all the cool interviews of the fantastic artist that have agreed to come! 

Photoshop Rewind is just a Reverse break down of an illustration I did.  Note: You may want to read this blog from end to beginning since I did it reversed!  Hope you enjoy! 


The FINAL! This is the Hovering Hippo.  A quick photoshop illustration I did last night in about 1 hour 45 minutes.  (Finished 15 minutes early!) (2 hour limit)  11 layers in photoshop 7 done with a mouse. 

Step: 10  On a different layer doing some clouds for the background.  Yes Clouds..(The Hovering Hippo!)

Step: 9  Time is running short.  30 minutes to go before the 2 hour mark… layering in a background color.

Step 8:  Getting some shadows established here.  Trying to use colors instead of blacks to give a richer use of shadows.

Step 7:  Working towards getting it more polished.  I wanted to finish the whole thing in under 2 hours so my time is running out.  Been about 1 hour from the start so far.  

Step 6:  Adding more lights and overlay colors to flesh out the hippo.  I am not really caring about the final image just, still playing with overall feel of the piece. 

Step 5: Adding more lights.  Using lighter colors to add tone to the image as supposed to only working with darker shades.

Step 4:  Really starting to add some color to the hippo now.  Still working in tone right now to get the lighting of the hippo.

Step 3:  More shading of the hippo.  Using different opacities and size brushes.  

Step 2:  Trying something different here really.  Layering in some tones to get shadows down.  I don’t really want to use any reference for this piece only because this is just a quick exercise.  Now for a full color final illustration reference would be something I would go for to get the details of how a hippo actually looks.  (Like textures for coloring, shadows etc…)

Step 1: Alright just a quick pencil sketch to get things started.  Maybe when I get a wacom I can someday skip this sketch-step, but for right now every piece I do really starts with a pencil or pen drawing.  This is the blue print for the final illustration. 

There we go!  Hope you guys enjoyed the Rewind!  

Here is the final once again. 


Meet andy!!! (En Di)

Andy is an artist who has a ton of energy! You can see it in his work. I haven’t spoken with him in person (he lives in Malaysia!) but I could just imagine this guy having a good time and goofing around every chance he gets! He has a lot of personality and his artwork shows it! He was a little shy about being interviewed, but I am glad he did agree to it, so thanks a bunch for the nice chat Andy.  

Andy has a really nice style! His comic spreads have an overall nice free feel to them as well. One thing I love about doing these interviews, is seeing all the different styles and hearing about different approaches to art from different artist.

It is a true blessing for me that each artist interviewed has shared their valuable time to answer some questions and allow their art to be displayed here so a big thanks to all who have participated thus far! I also think

every interview so far has been a blast because of each person’s individuals personality! Everyone answers the questions differently..some answer with long statements… and some are short and sweet! Nothing wrong with either in my book! Without further hold ups…here is the interview!  

Questions by me…answers and ALL Art by Andy.

Well hello Andy, could you give a brief intro about yourself so audience knows a little bit about who you are….

Hi every one~ My name is Andy (Chong En Di) and I was born in 1986 which means I am 22years old now..haha XD I am from Malaysia, I am not good in studies (school), I always draw when I was in class, one day I discovered something was “Comics”.. comics have changed my whole life..I started to draw my own comics when I was 11years old, because of that..I have my Dream..”To Be the best Comic Atist” Thanks so much~ and Welcome to My comic world )

Wow!! Great stuff Andy!!! Your style has so much energy, what things inspire you as an artist?

I love reading energy comics(fast-paced with action!!!)~ “Dragon Ball” was My 1st energy comic I read.. So I think is Dragon Ball (Akira Toriyama) who inspired me to keep on drawing full energy Art works XD


What is your background (education in art)?

I started drawing when I was around 4? ( my mom says that!!!) My latest education was Diploma in Illustration XD

What video games do you play? What systems do you own?

I am playing Final fantasy Crisis Core now~ system PSP XD


What are the popular games where you live? What systems are popular?

Hmm..the popular games where I live is Monster Hunter..Sony PSP was Popular around here~ XD

If you were part of and art crew for a video game/ or movie (animated) what project would you choose? Why?

I would like to be the character/monster/items design artist~because I am really enjoy designing and drawing the Original artworks from my own creativity not based on reality!!! XD

What do you plan to accomplish with your art? Dreams and goals?

I wish I can have a comic/illustration studio with my friends~So we can all enjoy our art and share are dreams together~ XD 


 What comics are you currently reading?

Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, eye shield21 and many many more~ haha XD

How fast do you work? (From start to finish on a full color illustration. Example how long did it take to start and finish Oniki XD? (pictured below!)


From sketch until finish the full illustration..”Oniki XD”took me about 8-10hours..

Nice hulk! What influences from western cultures show up in your work in any? 

Movies…because I like to watch Movies..and there are lots of great movies from the Western countries…

Favorite Game ever?

Ragnarok Online XD

Thanks so much Andy!  You artwork is really stunning, has a nice unique style!  Looking forward to seeing more from you! 

Click andy to see his full gallery!!

How to get your girl into gaming…

Illustration by greenbeanbaby 

Yes…We guys love our games…and at the same time we love our girls as well…but combining the two isn’t always the easiest of tasks.  Instead of drooling over those models who pretend they play games drool over your own girl who could be playing games with you instead!  I have cataloged a guaranteed solution to get your girlfriend/ wife/ whatever/ into gaming!

Step 1 Start small.

If she hasn’t played anything before, start with something simple.  Don’t forget you, yourself started some where, you didn’t just wake up playing GTA IV or Metal Gear overnite…gradually build the interest by making her feel comfortable with games she can relate to at first.  I bought my wife a gamecube and started her off with the gaming icon of the world: Mario


Mario KartDouble Dash!! was the game in fact.  I knew that it was a simple enough concept…racing…and it was something we could play together.  She loved it!  She did the whole turn her whole body thing while driving in the game for a while but she was learning.  You don’t have to pick mario…but pick a game that will peek an interest in your girl.  Pick a game that will be fun for you both!

Step 2 Pick a two player game.  

No it doesn’t have to be double dragon! But, to any of the old-school gamers out there…think about the feeling you had playing this with your brother/cousin/friend! You and a partner taking on anyone who crossed your path. Pick a co-op game will build team-work with your girl. It will teach you guys both about team work and each of you work together. You could even start with a lower difficulty level to build her confidence. And guys don’t hog all the kills! Let her get into some action as well!

As time goes on up the difficulty and let her go at it!  Some great co-op games are any halo games, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, X-men legends, Justice League, Streets of Rage 1,2,3, Double Dragon, Smash Bros Brawl, gears of war, and army of two just to name a few. I choose x-men legends for my wife. She crushed it, an while we played I learned her style of play. She rushes in not holding anything back and played support for her.  It was so much fun and we pwned both games! 



Step 3 Play fair with her.

If you have gotten her this far and she is starting to play on a regular basis…don’t blow it man! Let’s say you guys are playing smash bros or anything together that is against each other don’t blow her out of the water. This would frustrate anyone. Guys you don’t want her to feel uncomfortable at any time…see step 1! You want the gaming time to be a relaxing time, not for arguments on how your killed her. Don’t let her win ALL the time either.  She won’t like it when you show her too much pity.  She is a girl not a wimp!


Step 4.  Let her have some ownership!


The industry knows this as well.  So should you!  Look how much pink gaming stuff is out there.  Any gamer wants their own stuff.  Find out what interest her and buy her a new game.  A lot of female gamers like puzzle games or simulation games. You have Rock BandGuitar Hero, andThrillville franchises to keep them busy!  Keep in mind not every girl likes pink stuff, but a lot them do! 



Step 5. Give them respect.

Respect the games they like to play and give them time on their games. Now that you introduced her to the world of gaming and showed her it is not a complete waste of time…give her own time to find out what games spark her joy for the medium.  My wife LOVES Halo 3.  She is actually playing it right now as I type this. Now, I remember back when Halo 2 was released. She wasn’t into games back then, but I was. She would hate the fact that I would go online and play until 3-4 in the morning. She didn’t understand it…now it is her playing till the wee hours of the night. She actually plays more than me right now! If I want to play something besides halo right now, I have to either by me another 360 or get her one.  Her gamertag is teenygreenbean by the way!

Do’s and Don’ts The finale

illustration by greenbeanbaby


Let her have fun!

Let her win sometimes!

Encourage her to buy a game for herself to enjoy!

Encourage her to talk trash online because guys will be talkin too! 

Spend quality time gaming with her! 

illustration by greenbeanbaby


Make fun of her for her taste in games or if she dies in a co-op game or if she moves her body awkwardly while playing games.

Make her fell stupid because she can’t do certain things in games…be patient and teach her! 

Kill her on VS games to the point where she wants to fight you for real! 

Get mad at her if she gets better than you at a certain game! 


The bottom line is you want her to have a good time! 

illustration by greenbeanbaby

I guess you could hit on girls already online…but that is really really desperate. And you never know how she looks! You wouldn’t want anyone showing up on your doorstep like this:

But then again…if you are hitting on a girl online then you must look like this:


Enjoy the girl in your life!  Get her into gaming today!!!