And the winner is…

Whew…this was a lot harder the second time around. Again thanks to all the artist who spent their time on creating some cool video game art! I appreciate it, and the readers appreciate it! I created this blog, and future site as something for the average gamer /artist could participate in.

You don’t have to be best artist in the world to win the monthly contest. Soon I will be adding some video game trivia questions in for a chance to win some other cool prizes as well so stay tuned for that! 

Ok…thanks to all that have commented on the pieces.  It’s good to see artist get support! As stated in the previous blog, the comments were used to HELP me decide (not decide) on who the winner will be.  

When looking at the criteria on who should win I looked at a couple of things. Originality. Not just in the characters chosen (people all chose fantastic battles and I would love to see them all unfold!) By originality I looked at the poses that the characters where in and the overall illustration. I am an artist so I love seeing NEW things.  Using poses that are pre-existing may look cool, however I see it as an easy way out…

If I am shelling out 60 bucks (plus tax and shipping) of my hard my hard earned cash I don’t want to see something that could have been photo-manipulated, by taking two pieces of art that already existed.  It may look cool, but I want to see artist push beyond what it easy…bottom line I want NEW art. Reference is needed but don’t just follow it, use it to create something totally brand spankin’ NEW! To anyone who submitted DO NOT take any offense to what was written. All the pieces submitted were great! 

Alright enough talk. And the winner based on my thoughts posted before is… 

yes…kalel06!! He took these characters and made them his own. At first glance when I saw it…I thought…pretty cool and left it at that. Then as an artist I looked at how I would have done this piece. It must have taken him forever (not that you have to work forever on a piece…) but the little details start to surface. 

The patterns in Nariko’s outfit, the scars on Kratos, the details on both their weapons. I searched long and hard to see if there was anything similar to this piece on the web, and there wasn’t. He went ground up and crafted a nice little VS piece. I also love the flames in the background and the lighting effects used on the characters and their weapons…the chains alone must have taken forever.  I drew both these characters myself long before this tournament, so I really understand the details in both.  (Nariko’s hair alone is amazing!)  

He took his time and was patient in putting together a well crafted piece for the contest. So congrats to Kalel06!   

As promised his game will be shipped and he chose…

The average gamer able to win a brand new 60.00 game for their hard efforts in creating some art…the is the reason why I created the contest! 

Once again, the contest for September is called Villains. Choose an antagonist, villain, thug, or bad guy from any game past or present to illustrate. Think about originality…don’t just send images that look like











Because I can already see these poses done by the people who originally illustrated it. Don’t be limited by someone else’s ideas…push it beyond what is already done. Make it your own! Have your villain terrorizing a hero… it doesn’t have to be a single shot of a character. As long as the villain is the main focus of the illustration you have your shot at winning any game you want (60.00 max!!!) Deadline is September 30. 

Thanks again!  

Coming up…an interview with a Spook aka… the winner of the August contest Kalel06! 

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  1. 1 Dre@... September 10, 2008 at 9:23 am

    Yay, Kalel06!

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