Best 20 bucks I ever spent…

This is what I got….for 20 bucks! 

It may not go down as the best game in history but it sure is fun! It “borrows” heavily (by borrow I mean copies) from Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War.  The controls from Gears of War are applied button for button, even the run button with the motion camera following the character.  


The graphics are everything you would expect from a game in this generation.  (At some points the main character’s head looks funny in the cut scenes!) The game opens with a sort of feel like a Splinter Cell. If you played Resident Evil 4 you will also understand where a lot of the roots of this game came from.   


I will repeat: 20.00 bucks will get you some entertaining hours in a decent action shooter. If you like good graphics and slick action this game will be up your alley! 


I am not stating this game will win any game of the year awards…(This is not a review by the way!) There is a lot of things that keep this game from being a Triple AAA Title like Resident Evil 4 and Gears.  We as gamers need to understand not every game has the be an epic quest or feat like those titles.  The action stays solid throughout and the gun play is nice.  


The feature that the developers of this game was banking on in this game was the Glaive. That is the claw/hand of the main character that throws like a bat-a-rang and stings like bee! It soups up with more beef when mixed with things like fire and electricity.  There are some creepy moments in the game that MAY get a jump out of you.  

I wished a few things were pushed in this game a bit more. The melee needs more power behind it. Multiplayer was kinda garbage, but the single player mode was a spot on delight! Give this game a try it you liked the mentioned above games.  If it had a Co-op component it would be even sweeter! 


This is just the humble opinion of one gamer who digs art.  I like this game…for 20.00 bucks that is! 

Check the game out in action and see it for yourself.  

5 Responses to “Best 20 bucks I ever spent…”

  1. 1 kalel06 September 17, 2008 at 8:12 am

    Was thinking about picking it up too. What sucks is that all of my game purchases are already planned out from now to 2009 :).
    So it’s a RE4 and Gears clone. Those are not bad games to rip ideas from. Funny thing, Gears took tons ideas from RE4. It’s all good, all games go back to Half Life

  2. 2 kalel06 September 17, 2008 at 8:14 am

    ok fine…I’ll get off of Half Life.

    Gordon Freeman FTW.

  3. 3 gamersdigart September 17, 2008 at 8:34 am

    Yeah you should get it…20 bucks…it is worth it…

    I have the orange box…I bought it like six or seven months ago..yet it sits wrapped in plastic un-open still. I haven’t even finished half-life 2, then I have episode 1, and 2 to go through, then portal, and I want to see how team fortess is as well.

    Soon I will open the orange box and play it. I am just worried that it will suck me in and I won’t be able to function for anything else!

  4. 4 kalel06 September 17, 2008 at 10:24 am

    STILL WRAPPED IN ITS PLASTIC???????? I’m sorry Ramel, we cannot continue to be friends anymore. Not until you crack that sucker opened and give me a 500 word game report on Gordon Freeman and his adventures in City 17. It WILL suck you in though.
    At least play Portal, you can pass it in 3 minutes but it’ll be the best 3 minutes of your gaming life.

    Is there a demo for Dark Sector. $20bucks is a lot of money now a days? 🙂

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