Getting your girl into gaming…renewed!

A while back ago I wrote a post about getting your girl into gaming. (link)


Here is a follow up on that post.  Since I got my wife into gaming on the xbox360 her gaming IQ and knowledge of the genre has grown. So has her interest in games.  Since gaming on the xbox 360 can be such a social experience it has been a blast to see her meet fellow girl gamers.  But guys listen up.  There is another side, so to speak about getting your girl into gaming…not a bad thing just something to be ready for.

360fob-1 orange_box_360 devilmaycry4

Let’s say I wanted to play a single player game…my wife would be left out with nothing to do.  Not because she wanted to play with me…it’s just that we have 1 360 system.  I have over 45 xbox 360 games and a lot of them are single player.  Or there would be times where she wanted to play one thing and I wanted to play another.  She loves Halo 3, I do as well, but Call of Duty 4 ws calling my name recently and there is no split screen options on that game.  So she would be left out.  This didn’t lead to any arguments but there were times when I wanted one thing and she wanted another.  Two gamers one system go figure.

The solution: BUY HER OWN SYSTEM!


I got her a xbox 360 system pro (20 gig) with a controller, wifi- adapter to go online from her studio, and her own copy of Gears of War 2.  (So that makes 4 copies of that game I bought!) I tell ya…it was one of the best purchases I made in years.


I may have bought a 360 for her…but in doing so I got me a 360 as well.  I have my own system again…not that sharing one with my precious wife was a bad thing…but gamers you understand, you need your own system…I know my wife is happy to have hers.

Here is a link to her latest post on gaming.

gearsboxart1 gearsboxart1

So guys listen up…getting your girl into gaming may lead to more expensive purchases down the road.  Now I have to get 2 copies of games that we want to play together.  The gaming experience is so much richer for us now though…when we played Gears of 2 last night she got to play with 1 group of friends while I played with another.  We played together, but we also have the choice to get our own gaming experiences as well.


Well I really looking forward to all of the co-op games coming out in the future especially Resident Evil 5 which will be perfect.  I character is a Girl (Sheva) and the other is Chris.

Happy gaming to all!!! (to you of all babe!)

6 Responses to “Getting your girl into gaming…renewed!”

  1. 1 Drea November 17, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    Don’t give Kalel any ideas, he might go crazy and get one too! LOL

  2. 2 squeak117 November 18, 2008 at 6:49 am

    I s’pose it’s not really the same thing, but I have to share any and every game with my brother, and both of us only play on weekends. A fair deal of unorganised rationing goes along.

    Also, I got the game in the mail today, so no worries there! Thanks again.

  3. 3 kalel06 November 18, 2008 at 9:05 am

    Hmm….that’s a great idea!!!!! LOL.

  4. 4 gamersdigart November 18, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    Sounds great squeak117! I am a man of my word and I was getting worried I would have to buy another Gears of War 2 for you! Ccongrats again for winning on the contest!

  5. 5 Aliantha November 21, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    Yeah… having to buy two copies of each game is a doozy. I console myself by reasoning that, considering how many hours Phil and I spend playing games, it’s actually much cheaper in the long run (per hour) than going to the movies. Still, it hurts when you’re standing there at the cash register.

    I can still remember the day Phil got me my XBox, and then the day he bought me my 360. It still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling thinking about it…

  6. 6 bs angel November 25, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    Excellent choice. We have two 360s as well. It just makes life easier that way!

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