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The Last post from the Gamer who digs art…

Yes it is true….but with the death of this blog comes life anew.  New site.  New features and more importantly new art!

The blog has been a blast…but when it’s time to move on its time…

Come visit us at Link to continue the stories and adventures of more gamers who dig art!  Thanks for all the support for those who left comments!



Going live Friday!


The blog was always the stepping stone to the dream.  The dream was to have a site with full galleries and other features…a mecca so to speak for gamers and artist alike to come to.

In honesty the site has been delayed mostly in part by my inability to remove the controller(s) from my hands…so I apologize!

The site which is being worked on by kalel06 is near completion.  This Friday will mark the day Gamersdigart goes live, back with interviews, articles, and most importantly art!

I hope the community receives the site positively.  I hope it could be a place to share ideas, good art and a place to speak on video games in a way that is not chaotic fanboy gibberishism found on many other sites.

The contest will resume shortly as well which is something I personally am excited about!

I want to thank those who have supported the blog and invite you all to check out the site and set up an account when everything goes live on Friday!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys…

Xbox 360 handle : dreno360

Ps3 Handle : d-reno

Wii Handle: Haven’t gone online with it yet… but Wii sports is fun!


see ya soon!