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6 Inspirational Digital Painting Tutorials!!!

Written by Nelson Polanco aka Kalel06 from

As you all know, I haven’t gotten around to making that painting tutorial I promise yet. Now you may all say “Boy, that Kalel sure is a slacker!”, but I just feel that if I am gonna do a tutorial, it’s gotta be detailed and filled with tons of images and that takes alot of time I currently dont have. I want it to literally hold your hand through the whole process.

In the mean time, let’s take a look at 6 tutorials that have influenced my work.  I feel these will help a lot of people out and are good practice even if you already have your own style of painting.

Craig Mullins Gunman by Craig Mullins

Here’s one from the master himself and of my favorite artists. If you do digital art, get to know his work if you already don’t! Here’s his site.

Skin Tones Part 1 by Ron Lemen.

This is a very important one to me. I learned alot from it.

Omar Dogan Coloring Tutorial by Omar Dogan

One of Udon Studio’s best shows us how he gets it done. Very inspiring! Here’s his Deviant Art gallery

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Meet Living-Oxymoron!!!

Another installment from a great artist across the web who also dig games! Say hello to living-oxymoron!

Would you like to start with a brief bio about yourself?

My name’s Ted McClung, I’m 24, and I make games for Knife Edge Software currently, and am working on a graphic novel called Apocrypha in my spare time.

Full interview here!

Final Boss

Rules are simple…no nudity (keep it clean people!!!) in all contestant entries.  Follow the rules of the contest.  Push for creativity.  Don’t just copy and render a cool and popular pose of a character and expect to win a game.  The next contest has a deadline of Friday September 25th, 2009.  I won’t do any timezones…just know that by Saturday sometime entries will no longer be accepted.
The Sixth contest is called Final Boss.  No, not the old Halo 2 MLG team.  This is the new contest.  As people who play video games the end result is usually seeing the grand finale.  Stopping that evil master planner that has set out to destroy the universe, usually gives us satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.  For this contest illustrate your favorite final boss or mini boss battle.  Be creative in your concepts because originality will give you extra points. Please don’t feel as you though you have to be a master in Photoshop to have a chance to win.  Include protagonist (hero) and boss in your final illustration.

Draw, scratch, paint, or digitize your battle away.  Their is no limitation to this contest.  Just make it your own!   As always…the winner of the contest will receive a game of their choice ($60.00 USD).


  • You must be 13 years or older to participate
  • You must sign up and b a Registered User of to participate.
  • All images must be created originally and specifically for this contest.
  • You may submit more than one entry
  • Online entries only, hardcopies not accepted
  • Artwork must be submitted in digital format and in one of the following formats: JPEG, GIF or PNG to
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it // <![CDATA[
    document.write( ” );
    // ]]>
    or uploaded in the Contest forum Post here.
  • All images may be posted on this site. (you will of course be listed as the artist)

Looking forward to all the entries for the contest fellow artist! Good luck!

And the Winner is…

Tim Kelly

Mr. Kelly’s piece won based on many factors.  Sure it was awesome, but that won’t get it done all the time for the contest.  We love originality.  Who would have thought of Ico vs a Gears of War Locust before the contest started.  I love everyone’s choice of character.  I was worried we would have like 4-5 Master Chief’s Vs Kratos.  I want to say congratulations to all who entered.

The game version would look a little like this…

I would want to play that and some how figure out how in the world I would take that guy down…

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Fan Boy’s Dream!

The first contest on this site has come and gone so let’s take a look at the results.  The title of the contest was Fanboy’s Dream.  So many gamers have gotten into heated debates (myself even at times) regarding which system is better.  Well, we took it another way and decided to create some art that depicts this epic conflict that goes back to the days of Sega Vs Nintendo.

The Fanboy’s Dream rules were simple.  Sign up an Register an account on (this site)  illustrate a character that shows up on the Xbox line pitted in combat against a character from the Playstation brand.  Send it to us by email or post it in the Forum here. ‘Nuff Said let’s see some art.

First up: Dreno360(me)

Click here for a larger view.

Well I can’t win but wanted to do some art to promote the contest.  I mean it is a FREE game of the winner’s choice…I don’t think that happens anywhere, if so let me know! I choose Crackdown Vs Infamous.  The main agent in Crackdown vs Cole McGrath from Infamous.  Super powers vs super powers!   A gallery of my art can be found here.

Next up is : squeak117

Click here for a larger shot.

Squeak117 treated us with a Jak (from Jak and Daxter Vs The Stranger from Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.  Both are great games for each corresponding system.  Great illustration Alex.  This is the best piece I have seen you create!  Pretty even fight here.  Both games had a huge variety of weapons to use.  Alex’s gallery can be found here.

Check this one out by: TimKelly

Click here for a larger view.

Tim gave us something to think about here.  The main protagonist from ICO vs a Locust Horde member.  Fair Fight? At first glance no…but consider Shadow of Colossus.  If that guy took down mountain sized baddies…this kid may do alright.  But I don’t the locust have any glowing weak spots so watch out youngster!  Tim’s full gallery can be found here.

And we have: Sinskin

Click here for a larger view.

The next battle is a spy vs spy tale.  Splinter Cell may have appeared on other consoles but his true home is on the Xbox.  The same thing could be said of Solid Snake.  His house resides on the PS3 for now.  Both of these characters some some great titles underneath their belt that is for sure!

Halfman halfcyborg: Lukedenby (more on this later)

Click here for a larger view.

Luke wows the crowd with the tiniest showdown! We have a Castle Crasher Knight taking on a Sack boy from Little big planet.  Expect swords, magic, large cats, costume built levels, and so much cuteness in character designs everyone is gonna explode with candy falling out of themselves.  Luke’s full gallery can be found here.

The last piece is from: Sylvok

Click here for a larger view.

James here has treated us to a cyborg showdown.  We have good ol’ Master Chief vs Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid. Which metal man win win this battle.  Both have has excellent battles on the screen that is for sure.

Well that wraps up the entries.  The winner will be announced soon.  And remember the winner gets a FREE game of their choice.  This contest was created to inspire artist to illustrate something we normally wouldn’t see.  To push for new art to be created about a platform we all love : video games. Winners are selected not only on technique, but also creativity, composition and originality.  So basically you don’t have the be the hottest stuff to win a FREE game.  Put some thought into it as well! It goes a long way!

Also gamers check out the forum we have weekly challenges for art in there as well.  Our current weekly theme can be found here.

The next contest will be announced soon!  Thanks to all who have participated and we can’t wait to see more entries next time!

Meet Deathbysodacan!!!


Okay.  Time for another go round with an amazing artist.  This guy’s style is very unique and stands out right away.  I love his line work and use of colors. Sit back, relax and enjoy!   His name is DeathbySodaCan or you could also call him Hugh.

How long have you known that you wanted to be an artist?

Well, lets see. I’ve always loved to draw, I knew this ever since my digits were able to manipulate and coordinate crayons across paper. It was just something I loved to do. I’d always loved watching the old school Saturday morning cartoons and I’d often (with little success) try to sketch characters off the T.V. But it wasn’t until I bought my first comic book at about the age of 10/11, I think It was a Sonic the Hedgehog comic and the artwork in that book just blew my mind and opened up a whole knew world of art for me. I knew right then and there were my passion was and what I wanted to do with my art.

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Sony…on the Ropes?


Sometimes it’s hard to believe how the once and mighty have fallen.  How a powerful system slayer of the Playstation brand, could garnish so much criticism.  Originally released in 1994 the PSX (PLAYSTATION) took the world by storm.  It offered an alternative to the cartridge based game format and showed the world SONY as a leader of new technologies.  (Sounds familiar…blu-ray) The idea of having a game console that could play music cd’s as well seems trivial by today’s standards…but it was new in 1994.

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