Fan Boy’s Dream!

The first contest on this site has come and gone so let’s take a look at the results.  The title of the contest was Fanboy’s Dream.  So many gamers have gotten into heated debates (myself even at times) regarding which system is better.  Well, we took it another way and decided to create some art that depicts this epic conflict that goes back to the days of Sega Vs Nintendo.

The Fanboy’s Dream rules were simple.  Sign up an Register an account on (this site)  illustrate a character that shows up on the Xbox line pitted in combat against a character from the Playstation brand.  Send it to us by email or post it in the Forum here. ‘Nuff Said let’s see some art.

First up: Dreno360(me)

Click here for a larger view.

Well I can’t win but wanted to do some art to promote the contest.  I mean it is a FREE game of the winner’s choice…I don’t think that happens anywhere, if so let me know! I choose Crackdown Vs Infamous.  The main agent in Crackdown vs Cole McGrath from Infamous.  Super powers vs super powers!   A gallery of my art can be found here.

Next up is : squeak117

Click here for a larger shot.

Squeak117 treated us with a Jak (from Jak and Daxter Vs The Stranger from Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.  Both are great games for each corresponding system.  Great illustration Alex.  This is the best piece I have seen you create!  Pretty even fight here.  Both games had a huge variety of weapons to use.  Alex’s gallery can be found here.

Check this one out by: TimKelly

Click here for a larger view.

Tim gave us something to think about here.  The main protagonist from ICO vs a Locust Horde member.  Fair Fight? At first glance no…but consider Shadow of Colossus.  If that guy took down mountain sized baddies…this kid may do alright.  But I don’t the locust have any glowing weak spots so watch out youngster!  Tim’s full gallery can be found here.

And we have: Sinskin

Click here for a larger view.

The next battle is a spy vs spy tale.  Splinter Cell may have appeared on other consoles but his true home is on the Xbox.  The same thing could be said of Solid Snake.  His house resides on the PS3 for now.  Both of these characters some some great titles underneath their belt that is for sure!

Halfman halfcyborg: Lukedenby (more on this later)

Click here for a larger view.

Luke wows the crowd with the tiniest showdown! We have a Castle Crasher Knight taking on a Sack boy from Little big planet.  Expect swords, magic, large cats, costume built levels, and so much cuteness in character designs everyone is gonna explode with candy falling out of themselves.  Luke’s full gallery can be found here.

The last piece is from: Sylvok

Click here for a larger view.

James here has treated us to a cyborg showdown.  We have good ol’ Master Chief vs Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid. Which metal man win win this battle.  Both have has excellent battles on the screen that is for sure.

Well that wraps up the entries.  The winner will be announced soon.  And remember the winner gets a FREE game of their choice.  This contest was created to inspire artist to illustrate something we normally wouldn’t see.  To push for new art to be created about a platform we all love : video games. Winners are selected not only on technique, but also creativity, composition and originality.  So basically you don’t have the be the hottest stuff to win a FREE game.  Put some thought into it as well! It goes a long way!

Also gamers check out the forum we have weekly challenges for art in there as well.  Our current weekly theme can be found here.

The next contest will be announced soon!  Thanks to all who have participated and we can’t wait to see more entries next time!

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