Meet Living-Oxymoron!!!

Another installment from a great artist across the web who also dig games! Say hello to living-oxymoron!

Would you like to start with a brief bio about yourself?

My name’s Ted McClung, I’m 24, and I make games for Knife Edge Software currently, and am working on a graphic novel called Apocrypha in my spare time.

Full interview here!

2 Responses to “Meet Living-Oxymoron!!!”

  1. 1 wreathconnection August 18, 2009 at 4:11 am

    I’ll be honest, I am surfing around (cannot sleep) and looking around at the wonderful posts on here being written- I am commenting here because I love your blog, and I wanna be friends, so, come check out mine (: I think blogging is such a useful and informative tool out there right now! I have all kinds of projects I am working on for my business, and with it all comes lie lessons that I come across by reading into other bloggers worlds! A fabulous internet sensation, I think.. Hope to see ya soon (:

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