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How do you play???

The way gamers have set up their TV and game experience have changed drastically since the time I was first introduced to the world of games.  In the past, in my earliest memories I was at the mercy of my mom’s living room setup.  Gaming was secondary so my snes and genesis traveled from open tv set to tv set so much they could have been called nomads.   My brothers and I finally got our own tv and our systems were finally stationary and life was good.  

The setup was simple.  All we needed to have a great time was a power cord, an av cord, the system and some controllers. Turn the channel to 3 and Blam! Instant bliss!  As the systems advanced so did the television sets.  

Our family never had a projection TV but I heard so many problems with playing video games on them.  So  I was glad we didn’t have one as I didn’t want my mom to yell every time we paused the game for a split second. 

Now I am an adult…I have my own house and I can choose what and how my living room is set up.  Video Game systems dominate my living setup as they not only play the games, they provide Netflix intstant viewing, dvd and bluray viewing.  I have HDMI cords for all my systems (except for the Wii of course) 

As the systems became more powerful they take more effort in taking care of them as well.  They need to breath so to speak and you don’t want them to over heat.  They have Wifi built in to connect to the internet…heck even my Tv connects to the Internet via wifi.  If I could time warp back 15 years to show myself how my living room would look ( I would be 14 years old) I would drop bricks in my pants….

I invest in my gaming setup because I want a nice comfy experience.  From the Surround Sound to my video game chair with built in speakers…I love to get my GAME ON.

Here is my set up

Television : 46 inch Sony KDL W5150 

Xbox 360 

Playstation 3 

Table weight..errr I mean Nintendo Wii

JVC Turner for Surround Sound 

Post your gaming set up here! 


Gamerspot Light ~Left 4 Dead

Games are classified as great for many different reasons.  Some are good because the graphics engine used is the new industry standard (Uncharted 2) others are good because of what they do for a genre (Mass Effect 2) while some are great because they let you play with friends (Halo Series).  Left 4 Dead is a great series because it takes 2 things gamers love and combines them…co-op gameplay with Zombie killing!

Even on paper the game sounds like a recipe for for success.  The game relies heavily on cooperative action.  Let a zombie killing player get too cocky and stray from the group he will become zombie fodder for a  smoker.  The enemies of the game can attack you if they get the slip on you, and unlike most games, there is no offensive attack you can personally do to get them off you…you will need the aid of your mates.

The sequel was equally as fun with new characters and new challenges.  So what’s better than 2 awesome titles that includes 2 sets of four memorable characters?  Crafting a story that lets all the characters overlap in a story called the passing.  This will be a DLC that have the characters from the first game meet the characters from the second game…then there will be a second DLC for the first game that explains how they all meet.

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God of War 3: Reclaiming the Title

What do I mean by reclaiming the title?  As far as action games go this game is done simply right.  From start to finish it is amazing.  The pacing is on point and the action never dulls.  By the time I finished the game I was a little saddened by the fact that there were no more astonishing boss fights ahead of me. Oh the boss fights….I refuse to play spoiler (unlike the Official Playstation MAG) those boss fights…every single one of them  will leave your jaw dropped in awe…

As scorpion would say…Get over here!

Yes, God of War 3 has reclaimed a title many games were battling over.  It had been since 2005 that God of War 2 was released.  Since that time there were many third person brawlers.  Many games have since copied the God of War formula as well, even down to the quick time events.  In 2010 alone several games were released by developers in hopes of swaying gamers from the God of War franchise.  All three titles were wisely shipped way before players had the choice of choosing God of War 3 and their new games.

Just one of many to fall by the blades of Kratos…

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