Gamerspot Light ~Left 4 Dead

Games are classified as great for many different reasons.  Some are good because the graphics engine used is the new industry standard (Uncharted 2) others are good because of what they do for a genre (Mass Effect 2) while some are great because they let you play with friends (Halo Series).  Left 4 Dead is a great series because it takes 2 things gamers love and combines them…co-op gameplay with Zombie killing!

Even on paper the game sounds like a recipe for for success.  The game relies heavily on cooperative action.  Let a zombie killing player get too cocky and stray from the group he will become zombie fodder for a  smoker.  The enemies of the game can attack you if they get the slip on you, and unlike most games, there is no offensive attack you can personally do to get them off you…you will need the aid of your mates.

The sequel was equally as fun with new characters and new challenges.  So what’s better than 2 awesome titles that includes 2 sets of four memorable characters?  Crafting a story that lets all the characters overlap in a story called the passing.  This will be a DLC that have the characters from the first game meet the characters from the second game…then there will be a second DLC for the first game that explains how they all meet.

Full article here.

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