Halo Reach Beta the Freakin’ Remix!

Well…I want to take back some things I stated earlier in my initial Halo Reach article….

Holy Moly…I am addicted.  This is a far superior beta then I first imagined.  It has superior upgrades and to call it Halo 3 the second coming is an insult to Bungie.  I have played multiple rounds tried all the classes extensively and WOW….

Bungie has taken a lot of flack over the years about how Call of Duty and Battle Field 2 has all these online perks and levels that make it trump the Halo Series.  One thing Halo has never relied on…was the Best Software.  They always had great graphics, but not the best and that is fine.  The colors are bright and the characters are nicely polished.  Where Halo has always excelled at and infected millions of gamers is their addictive combat and game play.  The Reach Beta is the same way.  With two levels and a couple of different game modes…Reach is simply Fun as Hell.  Friday added Invasion to the mix and wow…talk about a strategy laced adventure.

You are placed with 6 friends and as the Spartans you defend and as Elites you capture.  Simple enough right…wrong! After an objective is complete more weapons and classes are unlocked.  Add in vehicles and multiple spawn points and two man/elite combat teams  you are in for a treat.  There is a feeling of bad-assery when you are charging a base with 5 other elites. Capturing the points and unlocking weapons gets your blood boiling.  Then add in your team mates yelling battle field cries in the voices as elites…the action gets out of control.

The sense of power of being an alien “invading: force and wiping out the puny Spartans…these demons… it is quite fun.

Start as the noble Spartans and there is another feeling.  You are six Spartans charged with the duty of defending your base against these…creatures.  They just want to kill, the good news is you are bred to kill.  Use tactical combat to defeat and push these foes back back back!

I believe all gamers want to feel like winners…that is why we play games.  The halo series has presented a great campaign story in which you take on the role of Master Chief (talk about wnner!) and also crafted an online system so perfect we are still playing it close to 10 years after the initial release.  4 on 4 and get to 50 kills to win.  Since Halo 1 we have played this game.  Of course they have made tweaks and additions…dual wielding, jet packs, power ups, etc….but getting to 50 kills…that is what halo multiplayer is all about!  Creating those awesome moments in gaming becomes all that more awesome when you defeating not AI but Real life opponents!

Bungie always gives you an extra treat….go to Bungie.net and any player can check out how good or bad they did in a match.  Like a member even said in the comment section on this site..Halo is one game where you can feel like a king one round and feel lose that feeling in less than a second in the next round…the joy of playing with people…there is no difficulty setting.

I don’t always win, but when I do…the feeling is good…no GREAT!

The reach beta is only here for a limited amount of time, enjoy some great hot action while you can.  Enjoy the series that made you buy an Xbox in the first place in a whole new light! If anyone is looking to get into some Reach Beta action feel free to send an invite! dreno360!

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