Gears…Grind Baby Grind!

It is known by many as the game that defined the third person shooter for this generation of gamers.  There are many games that have spawned based on the cover system but none hold the popularity as the Gears of War franchise.

The first game introduced us the world of Sera.  More importantly it introduced us to the Locust.   A deadly force that has attacked mankind not from the skies, but from underneath their very feet.  The game was a smash to play through.  The cover system (new for 2006) was fun to play and battle in, the enemies were tough as nails and the experience was very memorable.  It was kinda on the short side, but the multi-player was plenty of fun.

In 2008 Gears of War 2 hit.  It was an instant classic here! Epic took all the things that were great in Gears 1 and gave it the ‘ol sequel steroid shot of bigger action, better graphics, and more game play.  The campaign made the first one look like a walk in the park.   It introduced a new enemy type to the game…a sort of flood like third army type.  The game finished with a whole lot of death on the human’s side and the Locust’s side.  The main attraction of this sequel turned out to be the Horde mode.  It was truly a “bonding” experience as players were forced to fight together or die alone.

In less than a year, Gears of War 3 will be upon us all.  Many of the core elements in the story have changed drastically from the first two titles.  The first game was COG VS Locust.  The second game was COG VS Locust as well along with “who the hell are these discolored locust” mixed in.  Both titles were heavily militarized.  In the third title the Military might of the Cog has been broken with the sinking of Jacinto.   A major new game play mode will be a new 4 player campaign mode and a new arcade mode.

The Locust Horde has seen it’s own set backs as well.  There is an emergence of the Lambent.  Imulsion is having a bad affect on the Locust introduced us to the Lambent in  the second game.  Now in the third title we get to see the evolution of these creatures.  As they attack and become more of a threat don’t think the Locust are gone forever.  Think Halo Series with the triple fighting going on between Humans,  Covenant, and the Flood.

The third title is easily going to be Microsoft’s Big hit of 2011.  It will represent 360’s first trilogy to start and finish on the system.  It will represent the the graphical and technical leaps from 2006-2011 and will represent what the 360 can do as a system.  The Gears franchise has always set the bar for what this generation of games can accomplish.  Set your calendars for Tuesday April 5, 2011, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

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