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Meet Living-Oxymoron!!!

Another installment from a great artist across the web who also dig games! Say hello to living-oxymoron!

Would you like to start with a brief bio about yourself?

My name’s Ted McClung, I’m 24, and I make games for Knife Edge Software currently, and am working on a graphic novel called Apocrypha in my spare time.

Full interview here!


Meet Deathbysodacan!!!


Okay.  Time for another go round with an amazing artist.  This guy’s style is very unique and stands out right away.  I love his line work and use of colors. Sit back, relax and enjoy!   His name is DeathbySodaCan or you could also call him Hugh.

How long have you known that you wanted to be an artist?

Well, lets see. I’ve always loved to draw, I knew this ever since my digits were able to manipulate and coordinate crayons across paper. It was just something I loved to do. I’d always loved watching the old school Saturday morning cartoons and I’d often (with little success) try to sketch characters off the T.V. But it wasn’t until I bought my first comic book at about the age of 10/11, I think It was a Sonic the Hedgehog comic and the artwork in that book just blew my mind and opened up a whole knew world of art for me. I knew right then and there were my passion was and what I wanted to do with my art.

To see Full interview click here!

OK Another Post!


Well the blog was supposed to be dead..and it is really… all the action is going on at the official site…but here is a link to the newest artist interview here.  Enjoy!

Meet Chase-SC2!!!


When are leaves more than just leaves?  There is a lot of discussion about traditional art and it’s place in the modern world of digital arts.  My personal belief is that without a basic understanding of traditional mediums, you will be limited as a digital artist.  Take this artist for instance…~Chase-SC2 he has some amazing traditional rendering skills and it carries over into his traditional work as well.


Hey Chase, could you start off with a brief bio about yourself? This could be your
name, age, what you do besides art, if you are an artist by trade (full
time job) or not. Anything really so the readers can know a little
more about you.

My name is Chase Stone, I’m a 19 year old student majoring in
illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I don’t have a job
in the industry yet but i think I’m getting there, and thanks a lot for
your interest in my gallery!


Looking through your gallery, you have some killer pieces left and
right. But the ones that stand out to me are your simple ones. Your
color pencils of the string, the leaf, etc. How important is
traditional art in the growing digital work place?

I think traditional art is still very important in the growing digital
work place, as the skills one has on paper translate directly to their
skills in photoshop. While the computer has made the process faster in
a lot of ways, and does make some things easier, you still have to be
able to draw and that’s the bottom line.


What is your background in art (education/training etc.)

I’ve been drawing all my life, and most of what I’ve learned over the
years has come from practice and trial and error. I’ve gotten
professional training in the past year at FIT, but i still believe that
practice in your own time is the most important way to improve.


Where do you draw your inspiration from as an artist? What keeps you
going to improve and keep your attention to realism so high?

Working artists like Craig Mullins are always great for inspiration,
guys whose work just really blows you away. I guess that’s the main
thing that drives me (and I’m sure most other artists), the want to
create an image that really floors people and sticks with you. To make
something on that level is always something o aspire to. As for
realism, it’s really just what appeals to me the most.


What video game systems do you own if any? What are you currently playing?

I own an Xbox 360, and as of now my favorite games would be Halo, Call of Duty 4, and Gears of War.


Who are some artist that you look up to? Also name your top 3 artist.

Like i said I’m a big fan of Craig Mullins’ work (whose stuff is just
plain awesome), I also like Justin Sweet (he’s got a really nice style)
and James Hawkins (does amazing concept art, a field I hope to get into
in the future).


Your level of realism in your art is amazing. How important is
reference to you when working on art. How much time do you give an
illustration before it is time to move on? (How long did it take you to
finish your slick Halo piece) (side note: nothing wrong with fan art!!
Make more halo art!!!)

Thanks man! I think reference is very very important. the simpler
pieces in my gallery are all done from life, and for the more
imaginative ones i try to get as much reference material as possible.
As for time, I’ll basically try to work on something as long as i can
until I’m either totally satisfied, loose interest, or simply run out
of time. I don’t know how long the halo piece took exactly, but i know
it took a while, working on it on and off over the course of a few
months. And hahah thanks man, I’d like to draw more stuff from Halo,
once i get some more original stuff done maybe I’ll go back to it!


(Holy Flippin’ batman…crazy sick skillz on display… only 19 years old…)

If you weren’t an artist what would you do to fill your time in the day that you use for art right now?

If i couldn’t draw i don’t really know what I’d do, I guess I’d find
something else I’m good at and work at that…In the big picture if i
couldn’t make art I probably would’ve joined the army hahah!


Are there any projects/companies (film, music, comics, video games) that you wish you could work with TODAY?

Hmmm if i could just pick, working for Ubisoft, Bungie, Weta, Epic
Games, and any of the projects they’re working on would be awesome.


First video game experience ever? Favorite game ever?

I’m pretty sure my first video game experience ever was on the NES, and
I think it was Super Mario Bros. As for my favorite game of all
time…thats a tough one, i want to say Halo but theres a certain
nostalgia about the N64 Zelda that i think gets my vote.


Thank you again for your time!

Thanks again for offering this interview man i hope i answered with enough information.

Awesome interview Chase and fantastic artwork! Many thanks bro and good luck in school!

Meet *kandoken!!!

I am really jealous of the next artist being interviewed! I mean I have been jealous of alot of  the artist interviewed here! But this guy he is just too laid back and cool for words you can’t help but like his style.  Not just his art but just is style of living, writing, the way he “Arts”.

Kandoken doesn’t take himself too seriously which is why he is so cool.

Check out some of his work…

Even though his Phillies smoked my Brewers…he is still alright with me!

Well on with the interview.  Not only can this guy draw, he is a fantastic colorist.  Some of the work displayed later on in the interview are collabs he did and I will list those as well to give the other artist there shout outs! Thanks again Kandoken for agreeing to the interview!

Could you start with a brief intro to yourself? Name, age, where you from, who you are and what you do….anything you want the readers to know about you…

Yo, my name’s Steve Mack. I’m 23 years young from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and I’m an illustrator. I love skittles Capcom artists smash bros and heavy food. I also like girly music, white tigers, and street signs with graffiti over them.

What is your art background…Schooling, self taught etc. Also how long have you been into art? When did you start taking it seriously?

I started drawing around the age of 11. I remember being heavily into dragon ball z and alpha 2’s artist Bengus.  I took art classes in high school, but never really took it seriously until I was in college. In 2004 and I was on Akiman`s hp, and Akira had a blog on sf comics and I thought omg, Alvin Lee has leveled up immensely! Then looked closer and found it was colored by an artist named Arnold Tsang(cover of Ryu looking at Sagat). and that was when i wanted to throw away my smudge tool and lens flare for the real deal aka take art seriously.

Lines by Joe Ng Colors by Kanoken!

I love your sketches (the ones on your blog esp. )(blog shout click Here) What is your personal preference..pencils or full color illustrations?

I’d like to consider myself an ‘all-around’ artist. I like life drawing in 4B pencils. I use a ticonderoga 420T blue pencil with an F pencil for illustrations, these are the sketches i’d most likely take to photoshop. 



Do you have time for video games these days? If so what are you playing?

I try to, just to keep my mind off art, but that’s practically impossible. I’m a fan of the Advance Wars series, along with Metal Gear, Brawl, and Ultimate MK 3. I don’t play FFs(Final Fantasies???) anymore. Too many remakes.


Who are some artist that you admire? 

Phew… let’s see. For sure I’d like to say Akiman first, but….. it was actually kinu who influenced me first. Growing up, there was a Chinese owned mom & pops around the corner of my house called Hung Fat. It was awesome, they had new arcades like every 2 months. One month (i think this was in ’94) they had Dungeons and Dragons!!! And I thought the art was sooo $#!@kin cool I was like, ‘wow it looks like Ronin warriors but better!’ I’m sure those were my exact words. But yeah Kinu Nishimura first, then akiman. then it’s a mix of olds and news. Arnold Tsang, Norman Rockwell,Peter Nguyen(saigonradio), LeSean Thomas, Kim Seung, Stanley Lau, Frank Frazetta, so many. The list goes on and on.

Pencils by Joe Ng Colors by Kandoken! 

What inspires you as an artist? (Films, other art, people’s comments on DA…etc.) 

Umm… I’d say people. Mainly because I like to impress and improve. You can’t get better without the help and eyes of others! One of the key things as an artist you must know. And please.. be humble!



Lines by Jon Buran colors by Kandoken! 

If you weren’t an artist, do you see yourself doing anything else creative? (Music etc.) 

Definitely music. I looooooove music. It actually plays a huge role in my work. I’d probably make electronic beats. Mainly 8-bit combined with hip hop or something.

Lines by ~nupharius colors by Kandoken!

What are your tools of the trade? (also what programs do you use for colors)

Mainly photoshop 7. cs and up you cant group previous layers i’m like ‘wtf?’

Lines by  ~angel-t inks by jrs2345 and colors by Kandoken! 

What direction do you see your art going in the next few years?

Hopefully in the right direction.

Lines by Jon Buran colors by Kandoken! 

Are there any projects that you see going on that you wish you were apart of? (Film, video games, comics, etc.)

 I know people keep saying that I should try out for UDON. Yeah, maybe that. If they’re hiring I’d probably get a passport and head for canada.

Thanks again Kandoken! Awesome interview! 

Thanks again man! Love your colors and your pencils!!  Good fortunes to you in the future! 

Meet aaronwty!!!

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words so let me start with this…

Holy batman-flippin biscuits it’s the Joker by aaronwty!!!

Awesome artist, cool and humble person…just a great interview!

Questions by me awesome bat-butt-kickin’ art by aaronwty!

Well, thanks again bro for taking the time for the interview!  Let’s get things started with a brief Bio about yourself. Name (not required if you don’t want) age, and your background with art. Any schooling or classes or formal training?

My name is Aaron Wong and I studied in an art college in Malaysia, my home country, for 3 years taking diploma in Illustration. I loved drawing since I was very small, but until I stepped into college I only realized that I couldn’t really draw so well all that while, during the 3 years of studies I improved alot and I worked as a concept artist in the animation line in malaysia for more than a year after graduation. In a week time i’m going to UK for final year for a degree in Illustration and continue my journey of exploration in art.

Talk about determination! You are truly a blessed artist who doesn’t mind working hard to improve!

Gotta start with HOLY-FREAKIN’ BATMAN! Are you serious! Those joker pieces are the Best I have seen on the net! What drew you to the character Joker from the Dark Knight to illustrate him so many times? (All are fantastic by the way!)

After I watched the dark knight, I almost cried and I was really stunned and touched by the effort that heath ledger put in to the character Joker. I have never seen any acting as good as that and the whole world was amaze. Other than the joker, the dark knight is one of the best movie ever in the sense of storyline, acting, action and so on. It shows the industry that in end a good movie still comes back to the basic foundation of storyline and acting. Not fancy specialy effects with no meaning. And this movie really brought back my passion of painting because I rarely drew for my own interest since I started working. Heath made me feel like I wanna draw again. I was slowly losing the passion. so I decided to create some really nice tributes for him to remember this great actor we lost.

You have a great style with traditional media and digital. Do you think there needs to be a balance or can a person just jump into digital mediums like photoshop and painter without getting an understanding of the traditional things like paint or inks?

Yes I think that in order to master digital art we need to learn the foundation of traditional mediums like water colour, pencils, and acrylic. Especially pencil. I think that if we master the skill of pencil sketching, you can do well in most of the mediums. Cause that is the basic foundation of drawing and it trains your art sense and observation. I dont believe that a person who cant draw with traditional medium can suddenly create brilliant digital art. unless he uses photo montage.

Any particular games you are playing now? (Here is one for you to watch for!) [link]

I used to play warcraft 3 DOTA but I sucked at it.. most of the time i just play winning eleven on ps2. i have been playing since winning eleven 4 until winning eleven 11 now.. I hardly get sick of the same game.. haha.. maybe football games hardly repeat when we play.. so its always interesting

What are your plans for your future in the world of art and design. Are you making this a career move?

When I studied in college I thought about doing covers for movies, novels, comics or albums. But once I started doing concept art I fell in love with it and I think I can do that for my career. Now my dream will be doing concept art for movies, and it will be nice if i can draw concept art for movies like Dark Knight or other cool movies. I worked as an environment concept artist and also a character designer for an animation project previously.. so most probably I will continue with that.

Who are some artist that you admire?

I always admired DrewStruzan, especially all the great movie posters he did for star wars, Harry Potter, Hellboy, Indiana Jones and so on. I also loved Slam Dunk the manga alot but i dont remember the artist’s name in english cause i read it in Chinese. And I also like a Chinese artist called zhuzhu. His works are very special. The strokes are so simple but yet so realistic and nice.

(Deviant Art can’t remove this one!)

I love your digital painting tutorials! How long have you been working in photoshop. Could you give a brief statement about your process work and how long it takes to finish a piece.

It depends what I draw. It’s really different the way I draw environments, portraits and character designs. If it’s a portrait I normally open a blank canvas in photoshop, A4 size and 300 DPI. I start with the outline in one layer, a rough sketch first. Then when the rough sketch is done I trace a neater outline over the rough one in a new normal layer. When the outline is done I open a new multiply layer and start painting the major colours in darker tone from light to dark. and finally I open a normal layer and paint opaque colours from dark to light. Always paint the big areas first and do the details at last.

You are a big fan of films and pop culture. How do these things affect what you wish to create with your art.

I always tell myself that I only wanna draw the things that I like. Because if I have no interest in something no matter how hard I try to paint or draw it I dont think it will look nice. That is why I drew so many football and basketball players, movie stars and batman characters because I like them and I enjoy it alot when I draw them.

If you could work on any project/ film/ video game/ television what would it be.

I would definitely wanna work in the next Batman movie! haha! or Superman, or any basketball or football related movies.

Favorite video game of all time?

Winning Eleven 5,6,7,8,9,10,11!!!

Thanks again Aaron! Good luck on your adventures in the UK! Click here to see his whole gallery!

Meet Alex Garner!!!

Yes, Alex Garner, the super cool Comic book digital painter! He plays video games too! 

The guy is really cool and down to earth!  He is very humble about his fantastic art which was refreshing. I remember following his work in the late 90’s and his current stuff is simply mind blowing! Without further hold up on with the interview! 

Questions by me.   Answers and Eye candy by *AlexGarner! 

How did you break into the biz…do you remember your first published work? 

In late ’92, I sent some work to Jim Lee for a talent contest he hosted in the back of WildCATS #2. I wasn’t very confident with my pencils at the time, so I only applied for an inking position. The four who succeeded in the contest were J.Scott.CampbellBrett BoothSal Regla, and myself. I believe my first published inked work was on WildCATS #0 over Brett Booth’s pencils. And I did such an awful job on it that soon after, Brett kicked me to the curb which freed me to work with Campbell. Obviously, that turned out to be a very good thing for me as Campbell and I became a pretty successful penciller/inker team for the next 6 years on such series as Gen¹³ and Danger Girl.

What keeps you motivated to churn out fantastic colors on a regular basis…(I guess besides paying bills!) 

I hate to say it, but some of it is just 11th hour dumb luck. Honestly, I usually have to work very hard to get my palette working at all. There are those artists out there who have the innate ability to pick the perfect color scheme from the get-go, but not me. No, I have to constantly wrestle with Photoshop just to produce something that will function at a minimal level. So, this means I sometimes use bright and flashy colors to compensate for a lack of pre-visualization, which is odd because my personal preference really lies with much more desaturated, earthy palettes. But also, the characters I paint tend to wear pretty garish outfits, so it’s usually counter-intuitive to dial down the bright colors. These are super heroes after all. 


Has there ever been a project that you wished you could go back and press the re-do button? 

Sadly, almost every one. Only a very few times have I ever felt completely satisfied with a finished piece after it’s done. A vast majority of the time when I look back at my art, I wince in frustration at what might have been. But if there’s one good thing that comes from all my negativism, it’s that I have a constant and obsessive need to improve.

(Awesome piece here by the way…at least I think so!)

What are some challenges you face with deadlines. (Or to put better -do you have problems with the many deadlines you face?)

Usually the challenge for me is in the beginning stages of a painting. If I’m not “on” and in-the-groove, then I’m just scratching and clawing to put together any sort of functional composition. That’s when I usually lose a lot of project time and then the stress sets in. But generally, I’m pretty good at not over-booking myself with too many deadlines. I believe it’s really important to be able to deliver a product when you say you will. Otherwise, you develop a professional reputation for flakiness that’s really hard to shake.

How long have you been a gamer? What games do you currently play? Favorite Game ever? 

When I play, I’m mostly on World of Warcaft with my friends. I usually don’t have time for a lot of other gaming. However, I did recently finish Bioshock, which was really excellent. Off the top of my head, my all-time favorite games are Diablo II, Resident Evil 4, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. For me, those were three timeless gaming experiences.

What artist do you admire? 

These days, I really gravitate toward Craig Mullins. In my opinion (and many others), he’s the gold standard for digital painting and speed-painting. Adam Hughes  is also a tremendous influence on me as well. A truly gifted and great guy.

What makes a good illustration to you? 

You know, that’s a tough question to answer. When I look at any good illustration, I tend to focus on what strong elements were brought to the table and I try to dissect the artist’s thought processes behind them. It’s such a case-by-case basis for me. For instance, I really like the artwork of bothMike Mignola and Joe Madureira, but they couldn’t be more stylistically different in their approaches.

Is there a dream project out there right now that you wish you could work on? 

Nothing specific at this time. My primary focus is just to become a better illustrator and then go from there. I’ve only been painting for over a year, so I still have a lot to learn.

Favorite character to illustrate? 

I’ve been illustrating Illyria from Angel so much lately, I guess it’s her for now. Rogue and Ms. Marvel have been fun recently too.

Big thanks to the man himself AlexGarner! The guy went from inker to digital painter!  Gotta love that!