Come join the fun! Every week at we have members of  the site pick a new topic or theme and we have a week to illustrate it.  The purpose of the challenge is to push each other to create some new art about the games we love.  I personally love it because it keeps me busy with art.  It’s not a competitive thing.  Just an Art Jam Session on a weekly basis.  Here is the link.

And here are some samples of the goodies from the challenges…

Like I stated in the weeks since the Weekly sketches began I felt myself become a better artist.  Come join the fun!

My personal results for each week.

Week 1: Mario


Week 2 : William Wright (Creator of the Sims and Spore)


Week 3:  Team Fortress 2


Week 4: Mega Man (yes, by week 4 we started to add color)



Week 5 : Resident Evil



Week  6: Bioshock



Week 7 Abe’s Odyssey and Dead Space (Two Themes were selected during this week)


Abe from Oddworld


Dead Space

Which leads us to this week’s challenge Half Life.  This won’t be due till Monday (Hence the name Monday Challenge) So join in and Jam with some fellow gamers/ artist.  Check out the forum to see other entries to the challenges.  Artist we need you!

by the way here is how Half-life turned out!



The challenge for this week (Sept. 8) is Batman Arkham Asylum.

Join the fun here!


2 Responses to “Monday Challenge!”

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