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Baby I’m back!!!

I know it’s been a while… what, like two years or so… but that is how life goes sometimes… I don’t have time for playing games like I used to… but I want to get back into doing more interviews with artist in the industry and posting about some great games soon…

I have been more an artist who digs games lately… but believe me I am still a gamer who digs art at heart.

Here are some samples of the works I have done in the game area… as you can see there has been a big progression over the time.


This was my first digital piece done back in 2009 trying my hand with some fan art…


A sketch from Blue Dragon that I need to color…again done in 2009


Some sketch work from Team Fortress


Ryu from street fighter


A sketch of a jackal from Halo series


Kratos Sketch


Crack Down vs Infamous digital illustration


Mega man digi painting


Big Daddy sketch


Master Chief lite


Chris Redfield vs the infected from Left 4 dead


Little Sister from BioShock


Grunt Sketch


Gravity Hammer Grunt


Nariko sketch


Kratos vs Link Sketch


ODST sketch


Bayonetta digital illustration


Blanka and Sloth break Dance


The flood Tank Form








Halo Reach


Brute Chieftain


Han Juri






Locust Horde

Marvel Kombat colored by vic55b


Meet Living-Oxymoron!!!

Another installment from a great artist across the web who also dig games! Say hello to living-oxymoron!

Would you like to start with a brief bio about yourself?

My name’s Ted McClung, I’m 24, and I make games for Knife Edge Software currently, and am working on a graphic novel called Apocrypha in my spare time.

Full interview here!

The Last post from the Gamer who digs art…

Yes it is true….but with the death of this blog comes life anew.  New site.  New features and more importantly new art!

The blog has been a blast…but when it’s time to move on its time…

Come visit us at Link to continue the stories and adventures of more gamers who dig art!  Thanks for all the support for those who left comments!


Second Contest Results…

Hello! Thanks to all who have participated in last month’s contest and I hope more will enter this month’s contest. I mean it is a Free game on the line after all…I would participate if it wasn’t my own contest! 

Once again the contest was titled VS. Two characters from two different games in battle with one another! 

Ok on with the entries.  

This is an illustration from last month’s contest winner entry SangheiliArtist.  

Here we have Samus Aran from Metroid going against good ‘ol Master Chief from the Halo Series. This would be a good battle!  

Click me to see the battle unfold! 

The Second entry was from GarfunkelTheApostle.

In this illustration we have Cloud from the ever popular Final Fantasy VII versus Bowyer. Who the heck is Bowyer? He was a boss in Super Mario RPG from the SNES (back in the day!!!) Talk about two unlikely characters meeting up! 

The third entry was from the being known as Kalel06.  Some say he was raised on a farm in Kansas by Martha and Jonathan Kent. I don’t know, but he does live in Metropolis! 

In the left corner weighing in at about 98 pounds we have the beautiful, but deadly Nariko from Heavenly Sword!  In the right corner, starting the ring on fire, weighing in at 235 pounds is Kratos from the God of War series. Let’s get it on! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The fourth entry was from Anasazinyx.

Here we have a spore creature from the game Spore VS Ragnaros from World of Warcraft. My money is on the Spore creature. Watch out for the little guys!  Hey four small ghostbusters took down the Giant Stay Puft Marsh Mellow Man!  

The fifth contestant was from the talented greenbeanbaby.

Here are two characters that look like they are having more fun together than actually battling!!!  I guess some people love fighting! We have Toadette from the Mario Universe and a character from Little Big Planet on the PS3!  

The last illustration submitted didn’t quite follow all the guidelines.  It was one character from a Video game…and the other character…from well who knows. It can’t be considered for the contest but I wanted to show it anyways! Remember read the rules! It could cost you a game! Thanks Eric for the piece! 

From the crazy mind of the digitalsnowmen.

We have a Mutant Pug Named Shiela vs a ODST Soldier from Halo 3. So bizarre, strange, yet I can’t stop looking at it!

Thanks to all who have made a submission to the second contest! Well who wins??

I will let the you guys and gals help me to decide! One vote per email is allowed. Voting closes Friday 9/5/2008 11:59 pm. When leaving a comment simply say who are voting for! Remember Pug vs ODST can’t count! (Sorry digitalsnowmen!)  I will make the final decision, but hearing from others will help! 

Moving on to this month’s Contest! 

September’s Contest is called Villains! Draw, paint, sketch, vector, or illustrate your favorite villain from any video game past or present! Due September 30th!

Meet Cuson!!!

One good thing about the internet is the beauty is has to connect people from all over the world.  It brings like minded people together in a place to communicate, share ideas, and share common joys!  The next gamer/artist being interviewed is like the other people I would have never met without the internet. Yet he is very different as well.  He didn’t feel comfortable with a normal interview which is by all means ok.  English is his second language so keep that in mind when reading his portion of the post.  (English may be his second language, but man his interview portion that he wrote is a lot better than a lot of people born here!)  


I completely became a fan of his stuff the minute I saw it, and you can’t blame me…this guy has some skills! Plenty and plenty of skills…

And you know to have talent is one thing..but I love when an artist isn’t changed by their success in art.  Thousands of miles away, yet very humble…well on with show! 


I am a huge resident evil fan by the way!!! 



All artwork in this post is by cuson.

Instead of an interview maybe you could write a little about yourself and tell what you do for a living.  The pictures will speak for themselves. 


I will try to decribe about myself….

I am a chinese and from hong kong. I’ve worked in advertising agent as a visualizer since i gained a diploma from a design institute.  The main duty of my job is drawing TV storyboards, but most of my satisfaction is not related to my full-time job but working with the computer in leisure time.  I like to create original characters and scenes more than copy from a existing reference media.


It makes me feel leisurely and carefree during the drawing process.  and I enjoy it very much.  If my works can entertain or impress people, I am grateful with it.

Let me share the way that I like to make my work usually.  when I have an idea, I draft it out on paper with pencil. Sometimes I use the pencil sketching directly by scanning it into the computer. Otherwise I redraw it using Painter or Photoshop and my Wacom. Normally, I quite like to do my work in the office, as that computer is faster and I will pay more attention to the drawing process.


It’s the same connection to the world through the Internet that has inspired much of my work. After the diffusion of the Internet, it became easier to view masterworks from all over the world. It really opened my eyes! I met so many new friends (local and overseas) who have the same ideals and hobbies. Sharing inspiration is very helpful.


I’m still working on my style and has a lot to learn, but i think the basics are always a good place to start for beginners. The fundamentals of pencil drawing and observation are very important to me.



You are quit welcome sir!  Great stuff and great post  Cuson!  Hey Everyone!!! Do yourself a favor and check his Gallery out! Click cuson.  He is amazing!  Great use of colors Cuson!  Thanks again! 

Finally another post!!!

Man…I have been pretty busy…

It has been close to 2 months since I blogged and I promise it will be better in the coming days.  I will be posting about every other day if not everyday starting with today’s post! 

I have a website and it has been up for a while (It’s more like a 4 page under construction site!) The main idea of the site is to get Gamers who love art to come together and show off their game art.  Any game, and any form of art.  The contest portion of the site is how artist are able to win a free game on a monthly basis. Some people have sent me some stuff to show off which is pretty cool…my problem is I and trying to find the best way to create an easy to view gallery to display their art.  Here are some of the cool images so far….


These two illustrations were done by my lovely wife ellia.


Two quick things about these illustrations : 1 kratos made it into Gameinformer- August issue- (I think she won!) and 2 Nariko is available in a high qaulity print (  She is the greatest, supporting me through it all!! Isn’t she a faboulous artist? 

This is from endrit selimaj. (Work in progress)  He goes by BrokenCloud on Xbox live, and is a buddy I met while playing Halo 3 online.  Thanks for the support bro! 


This is from a very good friend of mine, Dan Kyle ( Just an awesome and versatile artist! 

This was done by a friend of my wife from flickr. This piece is simply amazing.

Truly unique and creative all the way around!  Gotta love the Legos Kratos! 


This was done by the uber talented wyvernsmasher.  I met this gamer/artist on deviant art! This is just a fantastic shot from my favorite game! The colors, the texture all great! 


These two were done by xxEpicxx.  He has some mad skills as well.  More to come from this guy I promise! 



These were done byDrManiacal.  Great artist and a really humble person!  I can’t wait to see more from this guy! 


Now this was a truly ambitious piece by lukedenby.  Where to start with this one…the fact that it deals with halo 3 is enough but the detail and all the characters in this one WOW! Great stuff man and looking forward to seeing more things from you! 



Wow…this guy has some talent…he goes by the name Kalel06 maybe because the only thing that can slow his down is kryptonite! I met him on (which is a cool site by the way!) and I really respect his comments and approach to art.  His real name is Nelson Polanco and he also has a nice blog as well!


And finally I guess I have to show some art as well since it is my site and all…

And finally I guess I have to show some art as well since it is my site and all…Hope you likes…

Well that is the round up so far…like I said before the site is being worked on right now and if you have any suggestions on a nice gallery format email me!! I have people ask me why make this site…

This site is the for the average Joe who likes games and have an artistic side as well.  The site was created to give recognition to gamers who dig and can create some good looking art.

If you would like to submit some video game art send it to or If you haven’t seen the site yet check out  

Next up:  Winner from the first contest The Big Three is announced and what he won!   Also details for the second contest VS will be announced as well.  

see Ya Soon!