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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

What a nice Holiday season we are having….skip that…I take that back…what a great YEAR we are having in 2008 as  gamers.  I thought 2007 was the best year possible as a gamer…but 2008 has surpassed it in my eyes…

We have the NXE (New Xbox Eperience)

avatar-body avatar-body-1

This is me….and this is my wife….getting our game on!

Well here are some titles I added to my collection this weekend…(there are some great deals out there…I didn’t pay full price for a single game!)

Dead Space…


Left 4 Dead…


Call of Duty: World at War


Fable II


Fallout 3


Oblivion Game of the Year Edition


…possibly getting some more as well with all the deals going on this weekend….well I do love great games!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


Ok..I’m back…here we go!

Sorry about the last two months…It did feel good to just enjoy some good gaming that is for sure.  Here is a link to what I have been up to with the gaming world…

that is right…39 days straight of playing games…

With Gears of War 2 and Left four Dead coming out, Fall Out 3 already out, Dead Space, Fable II…Gaming is really easy to fall into these days…

But I will be steping back into art world really soon!

I only had two entries to the October contest, but there were both really nice.  Here they are…

A character from Dead Space…”Necro-morph”

And two characters from Silent Hill “Pyramid Head” and “Nurse.”

I will announce the winner soon.

With great sadness I have to also announce that the October winner will be the last prize awarded this year.  I am revamping my site and with the cost of that I won’t be do the monthly contest until February 09.

The blog with be going strong and I will be awarding people with smaller prizes like gift cards, Microsoft points, Wii points, and other things as well.

But when the site opens (no date just yet) it will be smooth as butter and mega easy to navigate.  Thanks again to all who have come to this little blog and checked out the ramblings of this gamer/artist!

Leave a comment just to say hi and let me know who reads this blog!  Also write why you like it, if you like it, so I know what I else I could do to make this grow into something larger than what it is now.

Thanks for reading!