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Baby I’m back!!!

I know it’s been a while… what, like two years or so… but that is how life goes sometimes… I don’t have time for playing games like I used to… but I want to get back into doing more interviews with artist in the industry and posting about some great games soon…

I have been more an artist who digs games lately… but believe me I am still a gamer who digs art at heart.

Here are some samples of the works I have done in the game area… as you can see there has been a big progression over the time.


This was my first digital piece done back in 2009 trying my hand with some fan art…


A sketch from Blue Dragon that I need to color…again done in 2009


Some sketch work from Team Fortress


Ryu from street fighter


A sketch of a jackal from Halo series


Kratos Sketch


Crack Down vs Infamous digital illustration


Mega man digi painting


Big Daddy sketch


Master Chief lite


Chris Redfield vs the infected from Left 4 dead


Little Sister from BioShock


Grunt Sketch


Gravity Hammer Grunt


Nariko sketch


Kratos vs Link Sketch


ODST sketch


Bayonetta digital illustration


Blanka and Sloth break Dance


The flood Tank Form








Halo Reach


Brute Chieftain


Han Juri






Locust Horde

Marvel Kombat colored by vic55b


Going live Friday!


The blog was always the stepping stone to the dream.  The dream was to have a site with full galleries and other features…a mecca so to speak for gamers and artist alike to come to.

In honesty the site has been delayed mostly in part by my inability to remove the controller(s) from my hands…so I apologize!

The site which is being worked on by kalel06 is near completion.  This Friday will mark the day Gamersdigart goes live, back with interviews, articles, and most importantly art!

I hope the community receives the site positively.  I hope it could be a place to share ideas, good art and a place to speak on video games in a way that is not chaotic fanboy gibberishism found on many other sites.

The contest will resume shortly as well which is something I personally am excited about!

I want to thank those who have supported the blog and invite you all to check out the site and set up an account when everything goes live on Friday!

Looking forward to hearing from you guys…

Xbox 360 handle : dreno360

Ps3 Handle : d-reno

Wii Handle: Haven’t gone online with it yet… but Wii sports is fun!


see ya soon!

Meet Chase-SC2!!!


When are leaves more than just leaves?  There is a lot of discussion about traditional art and it’s place in the modern world of digital arts.  My personal belief is that without a basic understanding of traditional mediums, you will be limited as a digital artist.  Take this artist for instance…~Chase-SC2 he has some amazing traditional rendering skills and it carries over into his traditional work as well.


Hey Chase, could you start off with a brief bio about yourself? This could be your
name, age, what you do besides art, if you are an artist by trade (full
time job) or not. Anything really so the readers can know a little
more about you.

My name is Chase Stone, I’m a 19 year old student majoring in
illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I don’t have a job
in the industry yet but i think I’m getting there, and thanks a lot for
your interest in my gallery!


Looking through your gallery, you have some killer pieces left and
right. But the ones that stand out to me are your simple ones. Your
color pencils of the string, the leaf, etc. How important is
traditional art in the growing digital work place?

I think traditional art is still very important in the growing digital
work place, as the skills one has on paper translate directly to their
skills in photoshop. While the computer has made the process faster in
a lot of ways, and does make some things easier, you still have to be
able to draw and that’s the bottom line.


What is your background in art (education/training etc.)

I’ve been drawing all my life, and most of what I’ve learned over the
years has come from practice and trial and error. I’ve gotten
professional training in the past year at FIT, but i still believe that
practice in your own time is the most important way to improve.


Where do you draw your inspiration from as an artist? What keeps you
going to improve and keep your attention to realism so high?

Working artists like Craig Mullins are always great for inspiration,
guys whose work just really blows you away. I guess that’s the main
thing that drives me (and I’m sure most other artists), the want to
create an image that really floors people and sticks with you. To make
something on that level is always something o aspire to. As for
realism, it’s really just what appeals to me the most.


What video game systems do you own if any? What are you currently playing?

I own an Xbox 360, and as of now my favorite games would be Halo, Call of Duty 4, and Gears of War.


Who are some artist that you look up to? Also name your top 3 artist.

Like i said I’m a big fan of Craig Mullins’ work (whose stuff is just
plain awesome), I also like Justin Sweet (he’s got a really nice style)
and James Hawkins (does amazing concept art, a field I hope to get into
in the future).


Your level of realism in your art is amazing. How important is
reference to you when working on art. How much time do you give an
illustration before it is time to move on? (How long did it take you to
finish your slick Halo piece) (side note: nothing wrong with fan art!!
Make more halo art!!!)

Thanks man! I think reference is very very important. the simpler
pieces in my gallery are all done from life, and for the more
imaginative ones i try to get as much reference material as possible.
As for time, I’ll basically try to work on something as long as i can
until I’m either totally satisfied, loose interest, or simply run out
of time. I don’t know how long the halo piece took exactly, but i know
it took a while, working on it on and off over the course of a few
months. And hahah thanks man, I’d like to draw more stuff from Halo,
once i get some more original stuff done maybe I’ll go back to it!


(Holy Flippin’ batman…crazy sick skillz on display… only 19 years old…)

If you weren’t an artist what would you do to fill your time in the day that you use for art right now?

If i couldn’t draw i don’t really know what I’d do, I guess I’d find
something else I’m good at and work at that…In the big picture if i
couldn’t make art I probably would’ve joined the army hahah!


Are there any projects/companies (film, music, comics, video games) that you wish you could work with TODAY?

Hmmm if i could just pick, working for Ubisoft, Bungie, Weta, Epic
Games, and any of the projects they’re working on would be awesome.


First video game experience ever? Favorite game ever?

I’m pretty sure my first video game experience ever was on the NES, and
I think it was Super Mario Bros. As for my favorite game of all
time…thats a tough one, i want to say Halo but theres a certain
nostalgia about the N64 Zelda that i think gets my vote.


Thank you again for your time!

Thanks again for offering this interview man i hope i answered with enough information.

Awesome interview Chase and fantastic artwork! Many thanks bro and good luck in school!

Meet Kalel06!!!

Hello! This is Goldie! I am filling in for the gamer who digs art on this interview! Today I will be interviewing spook who will be speaking for Kalel06.  What’s going on spook! 

umm…how do you eat in that thing…err-I mean not much! Glad to be here! 

Something against fish-controlled cyborgs???  Well what are you by the way…is that a mask…or your face???

hmm this was how I was drawn…I never really asked?  So…how do you eat in that thing? 

That’s it! You VS me in a game of HALO!!!- how do I eat…Hey…wait a minute…How will I eat???

Hey calm down…calm down…by the way who cleans your tank? 

HA! Jokes on you buddy! My suit is self cleansing! As soon as I figure how to get some food…I will be all right! Now on to this battle in Halo! 

That’s enough you two!  I will conduct this interview from here.  Thanks again goldie…don’t worry I will feed you.  Thanks again spook for stopping through! On with the interview!  Thanks again Kalel06 for being a supporter of this blog~

The Real Spook! 

The guy has skills…I met Kalel06 on  The funny thing is we joined the same day. I am a big fan of his work, and all the time he takes in perfecting his craft.  He is a talented artist and the most recent winner of the monthly contest which awards a free game to a gamer who digs art! He convinced me to give photoshop a serious attempt! 

On with the show. Goldie by me.  Spook by Kalel06!

Alright Kalel06…let’s get it started.

First of I would like to state that it’s still a bit wierd that I am interviewed. Though I feel I have some strong pieces, I still have so much to learn and I am still learning. Thank you very much though.

No problem!  What is your background in art? Art school? self taught? 

Been drawing since I was about 6yrs old. My family noticed I was doing very well in all my art classes growing up so they enrolled me into a specialized art High School in NYC. Did some design course work in college and worked at a design museum. I guess one could say I’ve always been surrounded by art. 
I did eventually start teaching myself since my professors always tought at a slower pace than I liked. So I bought books and read tutorials online and I am still doing so. Always learning more.

What is your day job? 

I have a boring desk job. I place orders for a well known textile company. Orders come in through the fax, I input them in the system. Rinse and repeat. Fortunately, I have internet access so I get to have some contact with the outside world.

How do you know when a piece is finished? And what roles do you think traditonal media has in today’s field of art?

That’s a tough one. I guess it has to be when I find nothing else to tweak in a piece. I usually take a little more time to look at it as whole after I think it’s finished just to try and polish it as much as possible. I may go back and change the color of a certain light source to see if it looks better, but if I find that it was fine the way I had it, then it is done.

I still think it has a major roll. Sure we have computers to simulate traditional media nowadays but nothing is as jaw dropping and inspirational like a well done oil painting or watercolor piece when you are directly in front of it. Or any other traditional media for that matter. It’s like you can see the effort in every stroke. Also, you have to know the basics before you can master any type of art.

Comics or video games?  which field would you prefer to work in?

I have such a strong love for narrative. I love comics so much for being able to tell a story and really entertain. Yet at the same time, games are evolving into a very strong story telling medium and has the advantage of interactivity. If I had to choose one, it would be games, mainly because you allow your player more freedom in your universe while still having the ability to control what they see.  With games like MGS4 and GTA leading the way in storytelling, the industry seems to be settling in very well with the rest of the narrative mediums.

Favorite game to play co-op? 

Well, I have been playing a lot of Rock Band lately with my wife and friends and I must say, that is one of the best multi player games I have ever played. I also love Halo 3 co-op with 4 players and I have crafted so many great memories in that game with some buddies but I just can’t seem to get enough of pretending to be playing the guitar or drums. Things are looking great for the future of co-op games since the games industry is all about being social now. It’s a great thing.

There are many gamers over the age of 25 these days.  You and me fall into this category. (80’s bro..what can I say…we rock!) Being married how do you balance spending time with your wife and playing video games and doing art?

Balancing that time can be quite tough. It’s about sacrifices. Sometimes I want to spend my whole day on the computer drawing til my hand hurts, other days I wouldn’t mind playing games til the wee hours of the night. In the end though, I just have to communicate with my wife and let her know what I need and she will communicate what she needs. I love spending time with my wife more than anything and I’ll admit that everything else is second to that. Family first, always. She is very good at understanding that I love to do art and I love to play games so she tries to get involved in that as much as she can. When she can’t I try not to abuse the time so as to try and balance everything out.

Artist you most admire:

There are too many to pick one, but they range from Jim Lee, Massimiliano FrezzatoWill Eisner, Joe Mad,Craig Mullins, James Hawkins, and of course the masters like DaVinci and Dali. I try to gain as much from the art world as possible and the Internet has helped so much in my art since it’s a lot easier to view pieces and get inspired.

 Coolest moment in your life?

I might have to say meeting Jim Lee. I was one of the first in line to meet him at a convention here in NYC. I had been thinking of a million ways of telling him how awesome he is and how he inspired me to really think about getting into art as a career, but at the same time not wanting to sound like the insane fan boy. When I gets to be my turn, I handed him the book, shook his hand and had a brain fart. I just stood there and watched him sign the book. When he hands it back, he looks at me as if waiting for me to squeal like a schoolgirl at a Jonas Brothers concert but I didn’t say a word. Nothing! Completely star stuck. Then the next comic book geek in line pushes me out of the way and bombards him with compliments. Still, the coolest moment ever. He’s a lot shorter than I imagined him to be. How does he fit all that awesome into such a small frame?

 Jim Lee 
What systems do you currently own and play? Favorite game ever? 
All connected to my TV are Xbox 360, PS2, Regular Xbox (for the games that aren’t compatible with the 360), Wii, Gamecube(just for kicks), NES, and the all mighty Dreamcast.
I’d have to say both Half Life and Half Life 2. Both of these games revolutionized the industry for good. After the Half Life released, every game has had scripted sequences. After the release of Half Life 2, physics as gameplay not decoration, became standard (and bad guys that have masks with glowing eyes). And they are fun as hell. Memorable moments gallore.
Thanks Kalel06 for stopping through! Love the art, thanks for participating the in contest, and looking forward to thing from you in the future! 
Well that sums it up. Aside from that I would just like to point out that I love every aspects of games, especially the business end of it. My poor wife has to always put up with me saying “Wow, babe, Nintendo just bounced back from the grave since the previous console wars. They are producing record revenues month after month.That’s marketing and PR at it’s best.” Then I have to wake her up.   

Thanks for the Interview! It was fun.
NP Media Website Coming very soon!

Thank you kind Sir! It was a blast! 

I still want to play  you in Halo! 

One match! I will give you one match! 


Up next…break down of how much games have changed in the last 4 years…

Meet lukedenby!!!

Another installment of meeting another artist on the internet who dig games! 

This artist has some amazing stuff in his gallery! lukedenby click the name and check it out! 

Like I have stated in previous post…these artist being interviewed have some serious talent and a love of video games past and present! I have either met them through deviant art, xbox live, or some other weird connection!  Well let’s get it crackin’. 

Questions by me.  *All fantastic artwork by the talented and patient Lukedenby! 

Lukedenby, please give us a brief introduction about yourself.

My name is Luke Denby. I am 26 years old and currently living in Portland Oregon with my wife Corianne. I went to school for Graphic Design and Painting at Indiana University. I once almost choked on a lifesaver candy.


Whoa…gotta watch those candies…


You are a fantastic traditional artist as well as digital one. Do you see traditional art (acrylic, watercolor, oils, pencils) dying out in the wave of these amazing new programs like photoshop/painter or can they be fused together to create a better understanding of each other? (long winded I know but man you have a sweet traditional gallery!) 

I don’t think traditional mediums will ever die. The prevalence of digital art no doubt will only grow as this and future generations age but the tangible aspect of traditional mediums will always trump them. But as technology continues to grow eventually you could make an amazing digital piece and have it print out with actual paint just as easy as we use an ink jet today. Even though these days my work is leaning much more toward the digital side of the spectrum I would like to think my heart is in the traditional world but the ease and speed of the digital world is amazingly tempting. Ideally I would do digital works as a springboard for finished traditional pieces.


Fan of the 80’s are we? Name something (tv shows, cartoons, movies) that 2008 can’t touch that was common place during the 80’s.

Everything I say is through nostalgia tinted glasses on this topic. Although many shows were just big commercials like a great deal of this generation of television there seemed to be a lot less pandering to the kids back then. To answer this honestly I would have to be a kid today. I think part of it is also those 80’s pop icons are so iconic now but that can be true of anything that stands the test of time. Maybe in some dystopian future Bratz dolls will be given the same regard as Jem.


I still say Voltron Whomps!  Original Transformers Whomps! GI Joe Whomps! And they all beat down the stuff that airs today! …sorry about that…feeling that old school feeling again! 

What video game systems do you currently own? Game you are playing now.

Xbox 360, Wii, Dreamcast, PS2, and Nintendo DS. Although I mainly play my 360 and Wii currently I can’t get rid of the Dreamcast because it still has some amazing games. I’m currently enjoying GTA IV, been a fan of the series since the first one on the PS1 Plus I’m messing around with Wii Fit. That seems to be how I mainly use my systems. 360 for more serious fun and the Wii for some silliness. I’m also looking forward to the new Animal Crossing, Resident Evil 5, and Gears of War 2.

You need to click me because I am full of detail! 

Yeah…still got my dreamcast too…and my wife really wants a DS…

How long have you been a gamer? How long have you been an artist? 

I have been a gamer ever since I got my Super Nintendo for Christmas in I think 1994, so 14 years. Before that I was incredibly envious of all the kids who had a NES and I was limited to my Amiga computer (which was part of the reason I enjoy digital art) One time I even told my mom I felt I was depraved because I didn’t have a Nintendo. She looked at me shocked, that’s when I learned the difference between the word depraved and deprived. I have been into art as long as I can remember though, so 26 years on that front.

Sorry had to throws these guys in!! We love halo around here! 

Has there been a game where it’s art direction made you want it?

I think a greater influence has been the art direction making me not want a game. I’m a big fan of Gears of War but it’s art style is just too heavy for me, it took some time playing the game before I could enjoy the great gameplay. 


Where do you think the future of gaming is headed? (Multiplayer/ online/ sequels/etc.) Are you happy with the games of today compared to a decade ago.

Community in games seems to be getting pushed more and more. While online seems to be the main area I hope the time of sitting on a couch with your buddies isn’t forgotten. One thing I hope is a future trend in more user created content. Like the forge in Halo 3 and what looks to be awesome in Little Big Planet. I hope consoles start playing with this more. I love games were you can make the game your own (was a huge fan of the RPG Makers on PS and Magic Pengel along with the level editor in the Timesplitter games).

Best game ever??? 

An impossible question but I may have to go with Guardian Heroes by Treasure on the Sega Saturn. Not a game I would really call high Art (a good example of me almost not getting a game because of the art is the American version of the cover) but it was amazingly fun. It was a mix of a Fatal Fury’s multiple fighting planes, a cool side scrolling beat ’em up, and RPG progression and leveling. Also it had an amazing 6 player fighting mode where you could use any character you had killed in the main game. So you could play as one of the different last bosses (it had multiple paths and endings) vs. a team of scrawny villagers and rabbits. I would love if this came out on the Wii Virtual Console.

Thanks Luke for the great interview and sharing your rockin’ awesome work with us! 

Don’t forget to see check out his gallery lukedenby!

Who I am…Father…Husband…Gamer…Artist

Warning: The following post is a long read…only start if you have the time.  Scroll through fast if you only want to see pictures…Have a nice Day!!! 

Welcome back to the latest ramblings from the Gamer who digs art! Well I thought about it…and it makes sense that I do a post about me.  People are probably thinking…who is this guy giving away games once a month…..well hope you enjoy a brief bio about myself…

This is me…not photoshopped or anything!! 

I graduated from MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2003.  My major was in illustration. I got married in 2004 to the Beautiful teenygreenbean aka Ellia ana Hill.  (As mentioned in previous post her blog is pretty awesome and has been thriving for around 3 years now!)

She is the most precious, beautiful, greatest joy ever to have! She is my everything! She plays a mean halo 3 online also!  In fact she plays more than me!!! (I’ll do a post later on getting your girl into games!) 

Well after being married for a while we had our first child in 2004.  Diego.  Something always told me that my son would be artist like his mums and dad! 

Diego is the best.  Nothing changes your life like having kids of your own.  This little man wants to be so much like his pops.  Being responsible financially for a wife and son rearranged my art goals. I had to get job to pay the bills.  This led to my semi-retirement from art.  My wife always got on me for saying that because she told it wasn’t retirement just on hold, and I thank her for that encouragement!  But having a son was just the greatest thing to ever happen to me.  My father wasn’t around when I was growing up, so it is really satisfying to have such a strong influence on my boy’s life.  I have a lot of flashbacks to my childhood when I see him playing with his toys…and toys this kid has in abundance! 

Yeah…he is turning 4 in like a week and has plenty already…more than I ever had for sure!!!

It is funny how things past down.  I love batman…plenty of comics read, cartoons watched, and now my boy thinks he is batman! He has a collection of batman figures…

And he really thinks he is Batman!!!

Well, here is Batman jr.

The things kids teach you about yourself are amazing.  They keep you honest as they get older because they question everything…and I mean everything.  Here some snippets of my boy!  He is awesome! 


The ninja turtle batman…just one of those crazy nights and a school pic of Diego! 


Sporting his new hair cut, and going classic with a mario shirt from 1984! 

Like I said nothing comes close to being a father.  The responsibility is frustrating and rewarding at the same time.  Just when we get the hang of having a son…we go ahead and add another to the mix.  On Apri 17, 2007 little Isabella was born.

This cutey is my princess and she knows it.  She comes running and screaming for me when I get home for work daily! It is remarkable how fast kids develop a sense of love and connection in their lives.  This girl loves her mama…but is crazy about her daddy and I say that proudly! Here are some pics of little bella! 


Being a girl and being very cute playing with bubbles…


Still being a cute girl..and looking up to her mom and wanting to become a grrl gamer! 

Well having two kids is all about balancing…


Both kids will fight tooth and nail to get attention.  The role of father has played so heavily in my life in recent years.  When you take that role seriously you can’t help but step back from the bigger picture of life for while so that you put your all into your kids.  You want them so badly to succeed. On the days I have them to give my wife a break, I try my best to make the most of the time.  

My wife watches them more than me, but I do my fair share.  When else is Isabella gonna be able to eat chocolate cake all by herself! 


Raising two kids is no joke.  Ask any parent.  They make you run wild, tire you out, but I tell you it is the best feeling in the world to have moments like this! 

Nap time: For the kids or for Dad???

Those two are the best…I couldn’t ask for two better kids! 


And yes kids are VEEEEERRRRRYYYY impressionable.  They will mimic you to a T. Check this pic out! 

This one is called Kids dig games!! Man what trip.  My son’s first time actually playing and doing good in a video game.  He beat 4 levels of teen titans for Game Cube by himself! (With moral support from his sister on the 360 controller!) Go Diego Go! 

Well that is being a father…being married is another part of my life that is HUGE

TO ALL SINGLE PEOPLE OUT THERE!!!  Listen…marriage takes sacrifice.  If you are not willing to sacrifice your time, money, sleep, etc. do NOT get married! For me sacrifice is just normal these days.  It was not always the case, and we have had our rocky moments.  But time will test love and marriage and we are ready to handle our hard times well.  


My wife has been kicking butt as a house wife for four years now and she does such a great job of taking care the home.  I’m not talking just cleaning…she brings stability and balance to the home.  She also establishes a great sense of order when things get chaotic.  She balances being a Mom, Wife, Artist, businesswomen, and Gamer very well.  She makes art and sells it through ETSY.  (Kinda of like ebay but for art!)


She is always there rooting for me…having my back as I do her’s.  Being a husband is just another gift I have in my life because greenbean is such a treat!  She is my love!  (and a Halo fanatic~but in good way!)

Me the Gamer…what is there to say… have gaming since Atari.  My first system I owned was a Nes. We (my brothers and I) later got a Snes and Genesis.  Then we sold them to Funcoland (old store that came before gamestop) to get a 3DO..what bust that was..then we got a playstation, n64, dreamcast, then I stopped playing games for a while.  During college I bought an xbox.  Then I got a PS2, then I got a Gamecube for the wife and Ps2 for me.  Some one gave me a 360 bless their heart! And that is it! I have a very nice collection of systems and games.  (But I sold over 600 dollars worth of equipment to start what I am doing now.  Giving games away in the contest!) 

I am a true gamer so that makes me a little more talented than most in games…I won’t go farther than that. 

Favorite game ever? Chrono Trigger (See first blog post) Favorite current game: Halo 3!(Because my wife and I can spend quality time playing it together!) 

The Artist…I like art.  Always have always will.  I was always drawing or sketching as a child.  A pencil is my forte.  I will try to step my art game up this year and hopefully put together a nice portfolio for something cool, you never know! Dream big they say! I am a little behind in the digital area..just for now.  I am reading and practicing photoshop as a recommended by a online art buddy told me to do. (Thanks Kalel06) But here is a bunch of art that is not digital! Hope you Enjoy!  


Two paintings inks and watercolor “Beauty” and “The Race” 


Two more paintings “Alive” and “The Getaway”


Two paints “The Giant” and “The Coat”

Painting “When giants Slumber”

Painting “The Last Battle” 

Painting “Shivas Daughter” 

These are some samples.  Go to dreno360 for a full gallery of my work.

Well there go go.  A nice long post about my family…so if so haven’t seen an update on my stuff in while you will know why…either Diego, Isabella, or Ellia or maybe even xbox live has my attention! 


See ya soon!