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Up Close and Personal!

Halo Reach releases September 14, 2010. Win a Free copy at!


Halo Reach Beta is here!

Halo Reach Beta is here…have you played it..what are your thoughts???

For me, I think the beta is a decent beta.  It offers players a chance to get an early crack at the game to help polish it out before the final release date later this year.  I thought the graphics were ok…similar  to Halo 3 with some minor improvements, but not as good as I expected.  (I know I know it is still the beta)

Once you get over the fact that you are playing a new version of Halo 3 you will simply go out and play the game you have com to love for years. (Not bad at all if you like Halo) Their are four different classes that add a nice twist to the game play.

The Scout class has a Sprint, which finally allows for running in a Halo game.  With all the Call of Duty games having a sprint function this special class seems outdated as sprinting in a game shouldn’t be a special ability.  Of course it’s only good for a short burst and requires time to recharge, like all the other powers.

Guards have Armor Lock, which makes your guy crouch down and become invulnerable for a short time.  This is cool but be careful as it leaves you VERY vulnerable once it depletes.
The Stalker class gives you the fan-favorite Active Camouflage ability, which is good for sneaking around undetected and dealing out brutal assassinations on unaware folks.  This is by far my favorite class as active camo was something I always looked for in all the Halo multi-player games.

Airborne gives you a cool ability, a jetpack! It allows you to get an impressive amount of air and really changes the dynamics of the game.  The Spartans look like Star Wars Bounty Hunters with the jet packs and all.  If you can get the hang of them they are HIGHLY effective in getting the drop on a foe.

Basically it is more Halo 3 with extra twists!  Not bad by any means.  If you haven’t played the beta yet, you are in for a treat.  I can’t wait for the acutal game to release.  Call me crazy, but I loved the Campaign of all the Halo games.  The screens to the campaign look pretty nice and put the beta to shame a little.

Now this I can get into and sink my teeth in….

But the multi player looks promising I can’t wait for invasion!