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And the Winner is…

Got to go with the Glukkon on this one.  These guys are the true essence of evil and they have what it takes to be a villain for sure.  

These Glukkons are only worried about getting more wealth through whatever means possible. For the rest of us, this means smoke‐producing factories, exploitation of natural resources, enslavement of indigenous cultures and slaughtering of any wildlife that stand in their way. 

Evil… pure Evil as we know it to be!!! 

This fantastic artwork was done by squeak117 from Australia.  (First International Winner!) 

The game he chose was Gears of War 2.  When it comes out it’s all yours Squeak117!

The other three entries…

were all done by ~lukedenby.

He was one of the first to be interviewed here at Here is that link.

Yes he submitted all three!  Awesome chap!  Hope he submits again! 

I went with the glukkon because first: nice piece of art, but beyond that this was a true villain.  They hate all and are very selfish creatures by nature.  

Vodka Drunkenski is a jerk for sure…but not a villain. A drunk yes, villain no. 

The Koopa family has caused some problems in the mushroom family…but besides kidnap Princess Toadstool what have they really done.  They just prove Bowser needs to work on his skills with the ladies that’s all.  

Earth Knight…from Shadow of Colossus…is vicious, cold, destructive but not a villain he be.  More of a natural force of destruction, sort of like a massively walking tornado…with a club! 

Well that is all for now…I want to see more submissions!!!  A game!!! A Free Game is on the line…Brand New and wrapped in plastic waiting for YOU!! 

Here is a reposting of October’s Contest Rules:  


October’s Contest (since halloween is approaching) is to draw, paint, vector, or simply “Art” a monster/creature from a video game. It could be any video game, but the creepier the better. Monsters and creatures could range from anyone like the Nemesis in Resident Evil, the Locust or really any villain from Gears of War, to a character from Devil may Cry. (also Ninja Gaiden had some crazy monsters/creatures in there!)  

So the theme is monsters/creatures and the creepier the better! Hope to see some more entries! Think about it…November has some really cool games coming out! Who here wouldn’t want Gears of War 2 or Left 4 Dead for Free?  What about Fable 2????