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2010 The Year that was Part 1…

The year 2010 is coming to a close and we have had some stellar games released this year.  I can’t really say if it was better than 2009, but it sure wasn’t worse.

January of 2010 started off with some major releases right after the holidays, which makes sense since there are a lot of gamers walking around with Christmas money and gift cards.

There is no correct way to describe Bayonetta.  The music is like no other game on the market.  The action is non stop and the combat is as intense as in any game you ever played.  I will admit, as for the story I was lost….lost lost lost as in Jack on the Island…yet I still played and continued to play because it was fun and looked cool.  It’s real cheap right now (20-30 bucks u.s.d.) and a great game to add to your collection.


Darksiders made its debut in the gaming world and came with a nice mix of Zelda and God of War series.  The game had it’s moments of fun, frustration, repetition, and then became fun again for me near the end.  The art direction of the game (headed by Joe Mad ) was fantastic.  The story started off pretty good with a nice epic battle between Heaven, Hell, and Earth but the next 10 hours were kinda dry.  Mark Hamill’s character was kinda of annoying, fast forward to the last 4 hours of the game and the heat is on again.  If there was a way to keep the excitement of the first 2 hours and the last 4 hours of the game it would have scored higher for me…but overall if you got nothing on your gaming queue check it out!


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