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Baby I’m back!!!

I know it’s been a while… what, like two years or so… but that is how life goes sometimes… I don’t have time for playing games like I used to… but I want to get back into doing more interviews with artist in the industry and posting about some great games soon…

I have been more an artist who digs games lately… but believe me I am still a gamer who digs art at heart.

Here are some samples of the works I have done in the game area… as you can see there has been a big progression over the time.


This was my first digital piece done back in 2009 trying my hand with some fan art…


A sketch from Blue Dragon that I need to color…again done in 2009


Some sketch work from Team Fortress


Ryu from street fighter


A sketch of a jackal from Halo series


Kratos Sketch


Crack Down vs Infamous digital illustration


Mega man digi painting


Big Daddy sketch


Master Chief lite


Chris Redfield vs the infected from Left 4 dead


Little Sister from BioShock


Grunt Sketch


Gravity Hammer Grunt


Nariko sketch


Kratos vs Link Sketch


ODST sketch


Bayonetta digital illustration


Blanka and Sloth break Dance


The flood Tank Form








Halo Reach


Brute Chieftain


Han Juri






Locust Horde

Marvel Kombat colored by vic55b


Halo Reach Beta the Freakin’ Remix!

Well…I want to take back some things I stated earlier in my initial Halo Reach article….

Holy Moly…I am addicted.  This is a far superior beta then I first imagined.  It has superior upgrades and to call it Halo 3 the second coming is an insult to Bungie.  I have played multiple rounds tried all the classes extensively and WOW….

Bungie has taken a lot of flack over the years about how Call of Duty and Battle Field 2 has all these online perks and levels that make it trump the Halo Series.  One thing Halo has never relied on…was the Best Software.  They always had great graphics, but not the best and that is fine.  The colors are bright and the characters are nicely polished.  Where Halo has always excelled at and infected millions of gamers is their addictive combat and game play.  The Reach Beta is the same way.  With two levels and a couple of different game modes…Reach is simply Fun as Hell.  Friday added Invasion to the mix and wow…talk about a strategy laced adventure.

You are placed with 6 friends and as the Spartans you defend and as Elites you capture.  Simple enough right…wrong! After an objective is complete more weapons and classes are unlocked.  Add in vehicles and multiple spawn points and two man/elite combat teams  you are in for a treat.  There is a feeling of bad-assery when you are charging a base with 5 other elites. Capturing the points and unlocking weapons gets your blood boiling.  Then add in your team mates yelling battle field cries in the voices as elites…the action gets out of control.

The sense of power of being an alien “invading: force and wiping out the puny Spartans…these demons… it is quite fun.

Start as the noble Spartans and there is another feeling.  You are six Spartans charged with the duty of defending your base against these…creatures.  They just want to kill, the good news is you are bred to kill.  Use tactical combat to defeat and push these foes back back back!

I believe all gamers want to feel like winners…that is why we play games.  The halo series has presented a great campaign story in which you take on the role of Master Chief (talk about wnner!) and also crafted an online system so perfect we are still playing it close to 10 years after the initial release.  4 on 4 and get to 50 kills to win.  Since Halo 1 we have played this game.  Of course they have made tweaks and additions…dual wielding, jet packs, power ups, etc….but getting to 50 kills…that is what halo multiplayer is all about!  Creating those awesome moments in gaming becomes all that more awesome when you defeating not AI but Real life opponents!

Bungie always gives you an extra treat….go to and any player can check out how good or bad they did in a match.  Like a member even said in the comment section on this site..Halo is one game where you can feel like a king one round and feel lose that feeling in less than a second in the next round…the joy of playing with people…there is no difficulty setting.

I don’t always win, but when I do…the feeling is good…no GREAT!

The reach beta is only here for a limited amount of time, enjoy some great hot action while you can.  Enjoy the series that made you buy an Xbox in the first place in a whole new light! If anyone is looking to get into some Reach Beta action feel free to send an invite! dreno360!

How do you play???

The way gamers have set up their TV and game experience have changed drastically since the time I was first introduced to the world of games.  In the past, in my earliest memories I was at the mercy of my mom’s living room setup.  Gaming was secondary so my snes and genesis traveled from open tv set to tv set so much they could have been called nomads.   My brothers and I finally got our own tv and our systems were finally stationary and life was good.  

The setup was simple.  All we needed to have a great time was a power cord, an av cord, the system and some controllers. Turn the channel to 3 and Blam! Instant bliss!  As the systems advanced so did the television sets.  

Our family never had a projection TV but I heard so many problems with playing video games on them.  So  I was glad we didn’t have one as I didn’t want my mom to yell every time we paused the game for a split second. 

Now I am an adult…I have my own house and I can choose what and how my living room is set up.  Video Game systems dominate my living setup as they not only play the games, they provide Netflix intstant viewing, dvd and bluray viewing.  I have HDMI cords for all my systems (except for the Wii of course) 

As the systems became more powerful they take more effort in taking care of them as well.  They need to breath so to speak and you don’t want them to over heat.  They have Wifi built in to connect to the internet…heck even my Tv connects to the Internet via wifi.  If I could time warp back 15 years to show myself how my living room would look ( I would be 14 years old) I would drop bricks in my pants….

I invest in my gaming setup because I want a nice comfy experience.  From the Surround Sound to my video game chair with built in speakers…I love to get my GAME ON.

Here is my set up

Television : 46 inch Sony KDL W5150 

Xbox 360 

Playstation 3 

Table weight..errr I mean Nintendo Wii

JVC Turner for Surround Sound 

Post your gaming set up here! 

Weekly Challenge!

Come join the fun! Every week at we have members of  the site pick a new topic or theme and we have a week to illustrate it.  The purpose of the challenge is to push each other to create some new art about the games we love.  I personally love it because it keeps me busy with art.  It’s not a competitive thing.  Just an Art Jam Session on a weekly basis.  Here is the link.

And here are some samples of the goodies from the challenges…

Like I stated in the weeks since the Weekly sketches began I felt myself become a better artist.  Come join the fun!

My personal results for each week.

Week 1: Mario


Week 2 : William Wright (Creator of the Sims and Spore)


Week 3:  Team Fortress 2


Week 4: Mega Man (yes, by week 4 we started to add color)



Week 5 : Resident Evil



Week  6: Bioshock



Week 7 Abe’s Odyssey and Dead Space (Two Themes were selected during this week)


Abe from Oddworld


Dead Space

Which leads us to this week’s challenge Half Life.  This won’t be due till Monday (Hence the name Monday Challenge) So join in and Jam with some fellow gamers/ artist.  Check out the forum to see other entries to the challenges.  Artist we need you!

by the way here is how Half-life turned out!



The challenge for this week (Sept. 8) is Batman Arkham Asylum.

Join the fun here!

Final Boss

Rules are simple…no nudity (keep it clean people!!!) in all contestant entries.  Follow the rules of the contest.  Push for creativity.  Don’t just copy and render a cool and popular pose of a character and expect to win a game.  The next contest has a deadline of Friday September 25th, 2009.  I won’t do any timezones…just know that by Saturday sometime entries will no longer be accepted.
The Sixth contest is called Final Boss.  No, not the old Halo 2 MLG team.  This is the new contest.  As people who play video games the end result is usually seeing the grand finale.  Stopping that evil master planner that has set out to destroy the universe, usually gives us satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.  For this contest illustrate your favorite final boss or mini boss battle.  Be creative in your concepts because originality will give you extra points. Please don’t feel as you though you have to be a master in Photoshop to have a chance to win.  Include protagonist (hero) and boss in your final illustration.

Draw, scratch, paint, or digitize your battle away.  Their is no limitation to this contest.  Just make it your own!   As always…the winner of the contest will receive a game of their choice ($60.00 USD).


  • You must be 13 years or older to participate
  • You must sign up and b a Registered User of to participate.
  • All images must be created originally and specifically for this contest.
  • You may submit more than one entry
  • Online entries only, hardcopies not accepted
  • Artwork must be submitted in digital format and in one of the following formats: JPEG, GIF or PNG to
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it // <![CDATA[
    document.write( ” );
    // ]]>
    or uploaded in the Contest forum Post here.
  • All images may be posted on this site. (you will of course be listed as the artist)

Looking forward to all the entries for the contest fellow artist! Good luck!

And the Winner is…

Tim Kelly

Mr. Kelly’s piece won based on many factors.  Sure it was awesome, but that won’t get it done all the time for the contest.  We love originality.  Who would have thought of Ico vs a Gears of War Locust before the contest started.  I love everyone’s choice of character.  I was worried we would have like 4-5 Master Chief’s Vs Kratos.  I want to say congratulations to all who entered.

The game version would look a little like this…

I would want to play that and some how figure out how in the world I would take that guy down…

For full article click here!

Fan Boy’s Dream!

The first contest on this site has come and gone so let’s take a look at the results.  The title of the contest was Fanboy’s Dream.  So many gamers have gotten into heated debates (myself even at times) regarding which system is better.  Well, we took it another way and decided to create some art that depicts this epic conflict that goes back to the days of Sega Vs Nintendo.

The Fanboy’s Dream rules were simple.  Sign up an Register an account on (this site)  illustrate a character that shows up on the Xbox line pitted in combat against a character from the Playstation brand.  Send it to us by email or post it in the Forum here. ‘Nuff Said let’s see some art.

First up: Dreno360(me)

Click here for a larger view.

Well I can’t win but wanted to do some art to promote the contest.  I mean it is a FREE game of the winner’s choice…I don’t think that happens anywhere, if so let me know! I choose Crackdown Vs Infamous.  The main agent in Crackdown vs Cole McGrath from Infamous.  Super powers vs super powers!   A gallery of my art can be found here.

Next up is : squeak117

Click here for a larger shot.

Squeak117 treated us with a Jak (from Jak and Daxter Vs The Stranger from Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.  Both are great games for each corresponding system.  Great illustration Alex.  This is the best piece I have seen you create!  Pretty even fight here.  Both games had a huge variety of weapons to use.  Alex’s gallery can be found here.

Check this one out by: TimKelly

Click here for a larger view.

Tim gave us something to think about here.  The main protagonist from ICO vs a Locust Horde member.  Fair Fight? At first glance no…but consider Shadow of Colossus.  If that guy took down mountain sized baddies…this kid may do alright.  But I don’t the locust have any glowing weak spots so watch out youngster!  Tim’s full gallery can be found here.

And we have: Sinskin

Click here for a larger view.

The next battle is a spy vs spy tale.  Splinter Cell may have appeared on other consoles but his true home is on the Xbox.  The same thing could be said of Solid Snake.  His house resides on the PS3 for now.  Both of these characters some some great titles underneath their belt that is for sure!

Halfman halfcyborg: Lukedenby (more on this later)

Click here for a larger view.

Luke wows the crowd with the tiniest showdown! We have a Castle Crasher Knight taking on a Sack boy from Little big planet.  Expect swords, magic, large cats, costume built levels, and so much cuteness in character designs everyone is gonna explode with candy falling out of themselves.  Luke’s full gallery can be found here.

The last piece is from: Sylvok

Click here for a larger view.

James here has treated us to a cyborg showdown.  We have good ol’ Master Chief vs Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid. Which metal man win win this battle.  Both have has excellent battles on the screen that is for sure.

Well that wraps up the entries.  The winner will be announced soon.  And remember the winner gets a FREE game of their choice.  This contest was created to inspire artist to illustrate something we normally wouldn’t see.  To push for new art to be created about a platform we all love : video games. Winners are selected not only on technique, but also creativity, composition and originality.  So basically you don’t have the be the hottest stuff to win a FREE game.  Put some thought into it as well! It goes a long way!

Also gamers check out the forum we have weekly challenges for art in there as well.  Our current weekly theme can be found here.

The next contest will be announced soon!  Thanks to all who have participated and we can’t wait to see more entries next time!