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Baby I’m back!!!

I know it’s been a while… what, like two years or so… but that is how life goes sometimes… I don’t have time for playing games like I used to… but I want to get back into doing more interviews with artist in the industry and posting about some great games soon…

I have been more an artist who digs games lately… but believe me I am still a gamer who digs art at heart.

Here are some samples of the works I have done in the game area… as you can see there has been a big progression over the time.


This was my first digital piece done back in 2009 trying my hand with some fan art…


A sketch from Blue Dragon that I need to color…again done in 2009


Some sketch work from Team Fortress


Ryu from street fighter


A sketch of a jackal from Halo series


Kratos Sketch


Crack Down vs Infamous digital illustration


Mega man digi painting


Big Daddy sketch


Master Chief lite


Chris Redfield vs the infected from Left 4 dead


Little Sister from BioShock


Grunt Sketch


Gravity Hammer Grunt


Nariko sketch


Kratos vs Link Sketch


ODST sketch


Bayonetta digital illustration


Blanka and Sloth break Dance


The flood Tank Form








Halo Reach


Brute Chieftain


Han Juri






Locust Horde

Marvel Kombat colored by vic55b


2010 The Year that was Part 1…

The year 2010 is coming to a close and we have had some stellar games released this year.  I can’t really say if it was better than 2009, but it sure wasn’t worse.

January of 2010 started off with some major releases right after the holidays, which makes sense since there are a lot of gamers walking around with Christmas money and gift cards.

There is no correct way to describe Bayonetta.  The music is like no other game on the market.  The action is non stop and the combat is as intense as in any game you ever played.  I will admit, as for the story I was lost….lost lost lost as in Jack on the Island…yet I still played and continued to play because it was fun and looked cool.  It’s real cheap right now (20-30 bucks u.s.d.) and a great game to add to your collection.


Darksiders made its debut in the gaming world and came with a nice mix of Zelda and God of War series.  The game had it’s moments of fun, frustration, repetition, and then became fun again for me near the end.  The art direction of the game (headed by Joe Mad ) was fantastic.  The story started off pretty good with a nice epic battle between Heaven, Hell, and Earth but the next 10 hours were kinda dry.  Mark Hamill’s character was kinda of annoying, fast forward to the last 4 hours of the game and the heat is on again.  If there was a way to keep the excitement of the first 2 hours and the last 4 hours of the game it would have scored higher for me…but overall if you got nothing on your gaming queue check it out!


For the full Article click here

How do you play???

The way gamers have set up their TV and game experience have changed drastically since the time I was first introduced to the world of games.  In the past, in my earliest memories I was at the mercy of my mom’s living room setup.  Gaming was secondary so my snes and genesis traveled from open tv set to tv set so much they could have been called nomads.   My brothers and I finally got our own tv and our systems were finally stationary and life was good.  

The setup was simple.  All we needed to have a great time was a power cord, an av cord, the system and some controllers. Turn the channel to 3 and Blam! Instant bliss!  As the systems advanced so did the television sets.  

Our family never had a projection TV but I heard so many problems with playing video games on them.  So  I was glad we didn’t have one as I didn’t want my mom to yell every time we paused the game for a split second. 

Now I am an adult…I have my own house and I can choose what and how my living room is set up.  Video Game systems dominate my living setup as they not only play the games, they provide Netflix intstant viewing, dvd and bluray viewing.  I have HDMI cords for all my systems (except for the Wii of course) 

As the systems became more powerful they take more effort in taking care of them as well.  They need to breath so to speak and you don’t want them to over heat.  They have Wifi built in to connect to the internet…heck even my Tv connects to the Internet via wifi.  If I could time warp back 15 years to show myself how my living room would look ( I would be 14 years old) I would drop bricks in my pants….

I invest in my gaming setup because I want a nice comfy experience.  From the Surround Sound to my video game chair with built in speakers…I love to get my GAME ON.

Here is my set up

Television : 46 inch Sony KDL W5150 

Xbox 360 

Playstation 3 

Table weight..errr I mean Nintendo Wii

JVC Turner for Surround Sound 

Post your gaming set up here! 

Weekly Challenge!

Come join the fun! Every week at we have members of  the site pick a new topic or theme and we have a week to illustrate it.  The purpose of the challenge is to push each other to create some new art about the games we love.  I personally love it because it keeps me busy with art.  It’s not a competitive thing.  Just an Art Jam Session on a weekly basis.  Here is the link.

And here are some samples of the goodies from the challenges…

Like I stated in the weeks since the Weekly sketches began I felt myself become a better artist.  Come join the fun!

My personal results for each week.

Week 1: Mario


Week 2 : William Wright (Creator of the Sims and Spore)


Week 3:  Team Fortress 2


Week 4: Mega Man (yes, by week 4 we started to add color)



Week 5 : Resident Evil



Week  6: Bioshock



Week 7 Abe’s Odyssey and Dead Space (Two Themes were selected during this week)


Abe from Oddworld


Dead Space

Which leads us to this week’s challenge Half Life.  This won’t be due till Monday (Hence the name Monday Challenge) So join in and Jam with some fellow gamers/ artist.  Check out the forum to see other entries to the challenges.  Artist we need you!

by the way here is how Half-life turned out!



The challenge for this week (Sept. 8) is Batman Arkham Asylum.

Join the fun here!

OK Another Post!


Well the blog was supposed to be dead..and it is really… all the action is going on at the official site…but here is a link to the newest artist interview here.  Enjoy!

The Last post from the Gamer who digs art…

Yes it is true….but with the death of this blog comes life anew.  New site.  New features and more importantly new art!

The blog has been a blast…but when it’s time to move on its time…

Come visit us at Link to continue the stories and adventures of more gamers who dig art!  Thanks for all the support for those who left comments!


Meet *kandoken!!!

I am really jealous of the next artist being interviewed! I mean I have been jealous of alot of  the artist interviewed here! But this guy he is just too laid back and cool for words you can’t help but like his style.  Not just his art but just is style of living, writing, the way he “Arts”.

Kandoken doesn’t take himself too seriously which is why he is so cool.

Check out some of his work…

Even though his Phillies smoked my Brewers…he is still alright with me!

Well on with the interview.  Not only can this guy draw, he is a fantastic colorist.  Some of the work displayed later on in the interview are collabs he did and I will list those as well to give the other artist there shout outs! Thanks again Kandoken for agreeing to the interview!

Could you start with a brief intro to yourself? Name, age, where you from, who you are and what you do….anything you want the readers to know about you…

Yo, my name’s Steve Mack. I’m 23 years young from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and I’m an illustrator. I love skittles Capcom artists smash bros and heavy food. I also like girly music, white tigers, and street signs with graffiti over them.

What is your art background…Schooling, self taught etc. Also how long have you been into art? When did you start taking it seriously?

I started drawing around the age of 11. I remember being heavily into dragon ball z and alpha 2’s artist Bengus.  I took art classes in high school, but never really took it seriously until I was in college. In 2004 and I was on Akiman`s hp, and Akira had a blog on sf comics and I thought omg, Alvin Lee has leveled up immensely! Then looked closer and found it was colored by an artist named Arnold Tsang(cover of Ryu looking at Sagat). and that was when i wanted to throw away my smudge tool and lens flare for the real deal aka take art seriously.

Lines by Joe Ng Colors by Kanoken!

I love your sketches (the ones on your blog esp. )(blog shout click Here) What is your personal preference..pencils or full color illustrations?

I’d like to consider myself an ‘all-around’ artist. I like life drawing in 4B pencils. I use a ticonderoga 420T blue pencil with an F pencil for illustrations, these are the sketches i’d most likely take to photoshop. 



Do you have time for video games these days? If so what are you playing?

I try to, just to keep my mind off art, but that’s practically impossible. I’m a fan of the Advance Wars series, along with Metal Gear, Brawl, and Ultimate MK 3. I don’t play FFs(Final Fantasies???) anymore. Too many remakes.


Who are some artist that you admire? 

Phew… let’s see. For sure I’d like to say Akiman first, but….. it was actually kinu who influenced me first. Growing up, there was a Chinese owned mom & pops around the corner of my house called Hung Fat. It was awesome, they had new arcades like every 2 months. One month (i think this was in ’94) they had Dungeons and Dragons!!! And I thought the art was sooo $#!@kin cool I was like, ‘wow it looks like Ronin warriors but better!’ I’m sure those were my exact words. But yeah Kinu Nishimura first, then akiman. then it’s a mix of olds and news. Arnold Tsang, Norman Rockwell,Peter Nguyen(saigonradio), LeSean Thomas, Kim Seung, Stanley Lau, Frank Frazetta, so many. The list goes on and on.

Pencils by Joe Ng Colors by Kandoken! 

What inspires you as an artist? (Films, other art, people’s comments on DA…etc.) 

Umm… I’d say people. Mainly because I like to impress and improve. You can’t get better without the help and eyes of others! One of the key things as an artist you must know. And please.. be humble!



Lines by Jon Buran colors by Kandoken! 

If you weren’t an artist, do you see yourself doing anything else creative? (Music etc.) 

Definitely music. I looooooove music. It actually plays a huge role in my work. I’d probably make electronic beats. Mainly 8-bit combined with hip hop or something.

Lines by ~nupharius colors by Kandoken!

What are your tools of the trade? (also what programs do you use for colors)

Mainly photoshop 7. cs and up you cant group previous layers i’m like ‘wtf?’

Lines by  ~angel-t inks by jrs2345 and colors by Kandoken! 

What direction do you see your art going in the next few years?

Hopefully in the right direction.

Lines by Jon Buran colors by Kandoken! 

Are there any projects that you see going on that you wish you were apart of? (Film, video games, comics, etc.)

 I know people keep saying that I should try out for UDON. Yeah, maybe that. If they’re hiring I’d probably get a passport and head for canada.

Thanks again Kandoken! Awesome interview! 

Thanks again man! Love your colors and your pencils!!  Good fortunes to you in the future!