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Win your own copy of Halo Reach!!!

How much do you like the Halo universe?  How much do you like playing Halo 3?  What if I told you and three friends could win your own copies of Halo Reach here at It is very possible and easy to do. Starting August 13th, 2010 there will be a Halo 3 4 vs 4 tournament here on the site.

There is a will be a small registration fee of $5.00 USD.  The tournament will be open of anyone who can participate.  There is no age limit on this battle… but kids have your parents pay the fee (don’t swipe their card without them knowing about it!)

This is a great chance for you and your friends to put your team work and skill to the test.  We have given away multiple games here on the site, but this is the first time we are offering a contest that is not art related.

For registration details click here!