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The moment I became a Gamer…

Hello to all. My name is Ramel Hill, and this is the first post ever from the Gamer who digs art! Look for more post to come in the near future! Thank you again for checking it out!

I think anyone who calls themselves a GAMER can remember back to the day in which what particular video game elevated their status from casual fan of video games to GAMER. By GAMER I mean, you just take it more serious. You understand how certain things work, or you can move your character better than the casual gamer. You can follow the stories a bit better, and your willingness to succeed becomes that much higher. You look at the medium of video games a little different from others…you almost become like THE ONE from the matrix.

Certain games bring this out of a person. It becomes to a point where that game speaks to them, and memories of that game bring you back to the time and place where you accomplished your goals of beating that game. For me, that game would have to be Chrono Trigger.

This game hit the States around August 1995, and I was the ripe old age of 14 years old. Now don’t get me wrong I have been playing games long before this one. I played many games on the original NES, Sega master system, and Sega Genesis. I was pretty good at them too. I beat a lot games in my video game life time leading up to this one. Mind you this was my first attempt at an RPG so I had no idea what I was getting into.

The game itself was pretty expensive for an SNES game. I remember paying around $60 bucks for it. Playing 30 minutes into it I was hooked…I went to a carnival meet up with a princess and had to travel back in time to save her… battled an evil wizard then time traveled back to the present and all of a sudden I was criminal. The game had registered things I thought were trivial, like picking up an item from a table. Or not paying when entering the carnival. When I traveled back to the present these events were presented in front of a court of law, and yes I did these I went to jail…This is only a snippet of the cool events in this wonderful game.

I won’t get into the details of retelling other events or naming characters, because you can all look them up, however these character where ones that you felt for. The writing was amazing, and for the first time in a game I was playing, I felt emotions for the characters that accompanied me on the journey. My actions had an affect not only on me, but on the world around me. What I did in the past (with a time machine past was like 65,000,000 B.C.) affected my present and future. Then there was the relationships you built with all the characters. In a true classic story format, you faced a terrible villain, only to unite with him to tackle an even greater foe!

Characters designed by Akira Toriyama


At the time of the release this game had the top of the line graphics backing it. The in game music was terrific and the game had 13 different endings, all based on when and where to faced the final boss.

Screen shot of actual game play…pretty lame by today’s standards…but awesome back in the day!

The “Epoch” in action time roaring to the past..err or future err whenever you wanted to go really!

Final battle

Last battle (one of the them at least) with LAVOS…he was pretty tough

All in all this game took me roughly 45 hours to complete. That is a long time to spend with characters from a game. You start to feel like they are part of your team and the quest was something you the gamer shared part in. This is the game the elevated me to garner the term Gamer for myself. What game or games changed you into a Gamer?